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ENGLEWOOD — S̄wạs̄dī – This is how you say Hello in Thailand! Englewood’s Madeline Mobarry is hoping to be packing her bags in June and heading to the city of Chiang Mai, known as the rose of the North.

“I have been chosen to travel to the amazing country of Thailand as a Wright State Psychology Major to study abroad,” says Mobarry.

This is not the first time the Englewood Independent has met Ms. Mobarry. Way back in 2009 she was a middle schooler that wanted to attend her school’s annual trip to Washington D.C.

In order to accumulate the funds, she reached out to the community and to many local organizations asking for aluminum cans. Not only did it allow the crazy opportunity to travel to our nation’s capitol, but also to make a difference in her own neighborhood.

Mobarry is now raising funds to make this amazing trip happen, and asking for your help with donations and collecting cans once again.

“Aluminum recycling has always been a part of my time; I kept on gathering cans and have been able to attend music camps across all of Ohio like the Mozart Festival at Ohio University in Athens, the Miami Valley Jazz camp, and Ohio Northern Music Camp in Ada. Thanks to recycling, I was even able to purchase my own upright bass and my first car, a 1996 Jeep Cherokee, ” she stated.

The Independent was a giant help again in the summer of 2014 when she was offered the opportunity to travel to Europe as a member of the International Youth Symphony. Between scholarships, grants, and donations from the community, from businesses/charitable organizations, friends, and family (and, as always, aluminum recycling), she managed to reach the lofty $6,000 goal.

“I had the summer of my life traveling to France, Germany, and Luxembourg, performing with 350 other students from all over the United States, Canada, and Europe on a goodwill tour,” Mobarry said.

She was also given a proclamation from the city of Englewood upon her return.

Just like the Energizer Bunny, when it comes to education, Mobarry keeps going and going. Maddie began her college studies while still in high school, and graduated with an Associates of Arts Degree from Sinclair in December of 2016 – only a year and a half after her high school graduation in May of 2015. She is now pursuing her Bachelors of Science Degree and looking forward to graduating in 2020 – All while holding down a job at Meijer in Englewood for the past three years.

“Now’s the part where you can become part of this new, fantastic story in my life,” Mobarry added. “I meet so many folks from our area that recognize me from Meijer, and I am reaching out to our community! I will need help to afford my study abroad program. As I pursue my degree, this experience will enable me to learn about people with a completely different culture than my own. I hope to return with an entirely new perspective! My goal is to work with children as a counselor and to give my all to be a role model to those I would guide and those around me.”

If you would like to collect aluminum cans you can contact Maddie at: [email protected] or if you are interested in making a donation search www.gofundme.com for Help Maddie Study Abroad Thailand.

In this day and age, it’s refreshing to meet a Millennial that has always worked so hard to reach her goals.

Madeline Mobarry hoping to make trip to Thailand

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