Premier Health offers jobs to teens

DAYTON — Premier Health will expand its focus to teens to fill jobs at its various facilities and keep up with the ever-growing workforce demands in health care.

This is the first time Premier Health will market job opportunities to high school students. It’s a new step for a health care system, which traditionally has filled many of its positions with individuals over the age of 18.

“This move is a sign of where our industry is headed and the type of demands we are facing as employers,” said Billie Lucente-Baker, system director of talent acquisition with Premier Health’s human resources department. “Our current and future workforce needs require us to be more creative and to look for ways to introduce young students to a potential career in health care.”

Premier Health has identified various jobs within areas such as environmental, nutrition and linen services that can be filled by high school students. Applicants are required to be at least 16 years of age and must be attending a vocational or high school.

Some students may have the unique opportunity to become a patient care technician (PCT), an entry-level health care position. Students interested in becoming a PCT must qualify by meeting certain standards including enrollment or completion of a State Tested Nurses Assistant (STNA) course.

In return, high school students have an opportunity to enjoy competitive pay in an area that provides flexible scheduling to accommodate their busy school life. While Premier Health is opening the opportunity to all area students, it hopes to attract students who foresee a future in the health care industry.

“We see this as a new pipeline to draw future candidates into the health care field,” Lucente-Baker said. “One of the best ways to foster an interest in a particular field is job shadowing – something that usually isn’t offered until after high school. This opportunity will expose students to the health care field at an earlier age.”

With more than 13,000 employees, Premier Health is the second-largest employer in the Dayton area. Students can learn more about employment at Premier Health or apply online by going to
Initiative aimed at attracting future health care workers at earlier age

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