Montgomery SWCD to hold tree/plant sale

<strong>The flowers of the Native American Plum, which is new to the sale this year.</strong>

The flowers of the Native American Plum, which is new to the sale this year.

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BROOKVILLE — Spring is almost here, and so is the Montgomery Soil & Water Conservation District (SWCD) Tree & Plant Sale.

There is no need to be a Montgomery County resident to buy, but all purchases must be picked up from the Montgomery SWCD office. For a paper order form, stop by the office at 10025 Amity Road, Brookville, Ohio, 45309, or go to for links to a printable order form or an online order form. See just what wonderful possibilities you can find for your yard. Orders are due by March 15, so get your order in soon.

Pick-up of pre-ordered packets, as well as a few additional items that will be available for sale, will be April 11 and 12, 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. at the Montgomery SWCD office. There are limited quantities of some trees and plants, so place your order early.

The sale is a great source of low cost native trees, shrubs and perennials that further the ability of Montgomery County residents to conserve their natural resources, better their soil, benefit pollinators and wildlife, and overall improve the region’s quality of life. The trees and shrubs are bare-rooted and relatively small, which keeps the cost low so that you can get more for your hard-earned money. Also, trees that are transplanted when they are small suffer less stress and will quickly recover and catch up to those moved at a larger size.

Native trees, shrubs and perennials are vital to a healthy environment in many ways. They are host plants (needed caterpillar food) for many species of butterflies and moths. They are important nectar sources for pollinators, butterflies and hummingbirds. Many of the trees and shrubs produce fruit or nuts that may be tasty and nutritious for you, birds, other wildlife, or all of the above.

Many also provide great bird nesting habitat. If you love feeding the birds, then planting some (or all) of these trees and shrubs in your yard would be a great next step to attracting and keeping many species healthy and happy in your yard. Once established, native plants require less care and water because they are adapted to the normal changes in moisture and temperatures of our area. Using plants native to Ohio makes maintaining a beautiful garden easier for you and better for many native species of birds, butterflies and other beneficial insects.

If you are looking for a way to water your new trees, shrubs, perennials and garden, without increasing your water bill and while helping the environment, you can buy a Rain Barrel. A Rain Barrel collects and stores some of the rainwater from your roof for you to use later. The system we sell hooks into your existing downspout and overflows back into it, protecting your foundation. Use the water to water your plants, wash your car, or add water to your compost. The soft rainwater is better for plants and will not ‘spot’ your car. Temporarily storing the water helps keep our streams healthy and prevents flooding.

If there are types of trees, plants, bird houses or bird feeders you are interested in that are not offered, call or email Kristen Lauer at 937-854-7646 ext. 0521 or with your suggestions. Join the celebration of the arrival of spring, and order your trees to make your yard and garden a little more inviting for the birds, the butterflies, and you.

The flowers of the Native American Plum, which is new to the sale this year. flowers of the Native American Plum, which is new to the sale this year. Contributed photo

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