Clayton donates medic to Pink Ribbon Girls



CLAYTON — At its March 7 meeting Clayton city council passed a resolution to approve the donation of a 2002 medic unit no longer needed by the fire department to the Pink Ribbon Girls.

“Recently we purchased a new medic and we typically keep three medics in our rotation, so this would be a fourth medic,” said Fire Chief Brian Garver. “Typically we either donate the fourth medic or try to sell it. With the age of this medic trying to sell it is not going to bring a lot of funding to the department and not too many departments want a 16-year-old medic, which has 110,000 miles on it. As closely as we work with the Pink Ribbon Girls… they’ve had some issues. We’ve already seen the pink fire engine driving around and one of the challenges the Pink Ribbon Girls have with that engine, when you are a firefighter you are exempt from CDL laws. You don’t have to have a CDL to drive a fire truck. Once it gets removed from fire service and you donate to someone, now all the CDL laws come into play and it becomes more difficult for them to get drivers.”

The engine is used for various events throughout southwest Ohio making it difficult for the Pink Ribbon Girls to utilize the vehicle. Maintenance issues also cropped up, and maintenance on a fire engine is very costly.

The organization was looking for an alternative vehicle to utilize for its various functions to raise funds to battle breast cancer and Garver felt it was good fit for their needs.

“We thought this would be a good fit for them and they are more than willing to take it and I feel like it would be a good gesture,” Garver noted.

The City of Clayton logo would remain on the medic unit and would serve as an indicator that the city had donated the unit to the organization.

Councilman Ken Henning asked Garver how much money the fire department has helped to raise for the Pink Ribbon Girls since Garver decided to help the organization.

“It is probably close to $70,000 or $75,000,” Garver stated.

Gale Colston, a representative of Pink Ribbon Girls said the PRG were excited to receive the donated medic.

“We have wonderful plans,” Colston said.

PRG will be taking the medic to Yipes Stripes to have exterior updates made while keeping as much City of Clayton logos in place.

“We are so excited because as the chief mentioned, the engine had two serious breakdowns so that during our spring and fall fundraising runs it was down for two weeks,” Colston said. “This will allow us to not only get to many other venues for our sponsors, it will also serve as a backup for our engine should it happen to go down again. We have so many wonderful plans, and to be partnered with a city like this it means so much to us.”

As soon as PRG takes ownership of the medic they plan to make the exterior lettering updates and issue a press release about the donation.

“I cannot say thank you enough,” she added.

Council also passed a resolution approving an intergovernmental agreement with the Trotwood Fire Department for the sale of nine portable radios. The radios were purchased approximately four years ago to meet standards that the National Fire Protection Association issued, which required a radio assigned for every seat in a fire apparatus.

According to Garver, the standards have changed and the city is trying to address them with a different approach.

“As long as we have each person on duty equipped with a radio… we have more seats than people on duty,” Garver said. “We are going to keep enough radios and a few spares for the people on duty instead of just putting them in seats. By doing that it actually reduces our costs annually because we have to pay state fees for these radios to be on the state MARCS system, so it will save us a little over $2,000 annually in the operational budget. Trotwood is also in need of these radio and they are going to pay us $2,200 apiece for each radio, so it amounts to about $19,500 and that money is going to be used on equipment for our new Quint (fire engine) that comes in later this year.”

The radios cost about $4,500 when purchased brand new, according to Garver.

In old business, council approved an ordinance to approve replacement page to the city’s list of codified ordinances. Updates were amended to conform with current state law as required by the Ohio Constitution.

Updates include 47 amendments to the city’s traffic code, including an addition titled, ‘Committing an Offense While Distracted Penalty.’


By Ron Nunnari

Reach Ron Nunnari at 684-9124, via email or on Twitter @Englewood_Ind