Street resurfacing program approved

ENGLEWOOD — City council Tuesday approved the city’s 2019 street resurfacing program (Resolution 12-19) involving the extension of a contract with the John R. Jurgensen Company, which has handled the annual paving project for many years.

Last year Jurgensen informed Englewood it would more than likely have to increase the fee for the annual street resurfacing program. However, Jurgensen agreed to hold their unit price at the same level as in year’s past at a cost not to exceed $450,000. The project involves 28 streets: White Clover, Meadowsweet, Wynfield, Parkview, Tradewind, Woodridge, Terrahill, Halfacre, Doris, Lau Parkway (from Harco to cul-de-sac), East Wenger (from Haas to Main Street), Denwood (from Union to Pauly), Fallview (between Alta and Main Street), Oldham Way, Angelia, Little, Kelly, Rohr, Silverstone, Brownstone, Snowglen, Woodside, Wolf (base replacement plus paving between Walnut and Albert), E. National, Valleyview/River Road, Heather (EGC to Union), Sagebrush, History Lane/Tully Lane.

In addition, the Ohio Department of Transportation is expected to repave W. National Road, a project that had been slated for 2018 but was postponed after ODOT received higher bid process than expected.

“I went through the list and figured how many years it had been since the streets had been resurfaced and it kind of averages out to 12 years, which is pretty good,” Mayor Patricia Burnside noted.

“That is due to our preventative maintenance program,” said City Manager Eric Smith. “Where some communities become short on funds the first thing to get cut is usually street repairs, which is ironic because the biggest investment when you think about it in any community is the streets. It is easy to postpone for a year, but the other thing that happens is that you are actually spending a year’s worth of life for that street so if there is no maintenance being done you are falling a year behind. I have been on some streets in Morrow County where I have some friends and they have some rural roads up there that you can’t drive on with potholes as big as a tire. So, when the governor says that we need a tax increase for road issues truer words were never spoken.”

Smith noted that there are some other areas surrounding Englewood that need improvements to their roads as well.

“Roads have always been a priority here,” Smith stated. “The good news is that John R. Jurgensen has kept their price the same for a number of years. They told us last year that they couldn’t do that anymore because of inflationary costs.”

Smith said he negotiated with the company to get the same unit price again this year, but he stated that he was confident that this would be the last year the paving could be executed at the same price.

“I think one of the reasons they like working in Englewood is because we always pay them on time and we also furnish a lot of the traffic control with our summer help and we also have the plan ready to go,” Smith added. “The residents are notified door-to-door so all Jurgensen has to do is grind the pavement and lay the asphalt, so it’s a pretty sweet job for them.”

Mayor Burnside asked why the section of Wenger Road where the water line was replaced wasn’t included in the project. Smith said only that section of Wegner where the line was replaced would be grinded out and patched and then resurfaced, but not the entire road.

Wolf Avenue from Walnut Street to Albert Street will have a water line repaired and then have all of its asphalt grinded down with a new base put in before repaving the street with three inches of asphalt.

By Ron Nunnari

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