Englewood to begin street resurfacing June 28

ENGLEWOOD — The City of Englewood is pleased to announce that certain streets will be improved with a brand new asphalt surface.

The work is a two-step process.

Step One: The existing asphalt is milled slightly near the curb to provide a smooth entrance to your driveway. You will always have full access to your driveway during this procedure. The milling machine will start Friday, June 28 and require several days to mill all the streets listed.

Step Two: A few days after milling, the street will be repaved with hot mix asphalt. The repaving process is quick; only a one day inconvenience. Access to your driveway will be limited that day. The city will post a sign to advise of the exact day paving will happen. Paving is expected to begin Tuesday, July 2, starting at the north end of town working south.

What you need to prepare for:

1. Remove vehicles from the street for both Step One and Step Two operations.

2. During Step Two, the paving operation, if you need to leave during the day, park your car on a nearby side street.

3. The hot asphalt will be cool enough after about four (4) hours to drive upon. Never drive on the hot asphalt as vehicle damage can occur.

4. Signs will be posted to inform you of the exact day your street will be affected.

5. Paving is governed by weather conditions that may influence the schedule.

6. Any questions, call the Government Center at 836-5106.

Streets scheduled for improvement include: Angelia Court, Beckenham Road (from Rumson to Tietzmann), Brownstone Avenue, Denwood Trail (from Union to Pauly), Doris Court, E. National Road, E. Wenger Road (Haas to Main), Fallview Avenue (Alta to Main), Halfacre Avenue, Heather Street (from the Englewood Government Center to Union Road), History Lane/Tully Lane, Kelly Lane, Lau Parkway (Harco to cul-de-sac), Little Court, Meadowsweet Drive, Oldham Way, Parkview Avenue, Rohr Lane, Sagebrush Drive, Silverstone Drive, Snowglen Drive, Terrahill Court, Tradewind Court, Valley View Drive/River Road, White Clover Court, Wolf Avenue, Woodridge Drive and Woodside Drive.


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