Sheriff Streck issues phone scam warning

DAYTON — Montgomery County Sheriff Rob Streck today announced that there has been a variety of phone call scams that have been fluctuating throughout the community and he is sending out a warning to residents to be cautious.

The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office has been receiving complaints from residents that they are receiving phone calls from alleged Sheriff’s Office employees stating that they have a warrant out for their arrest, have missed a court date, or have unpaid fines. Another common scam fluctuating in the community targets the elderly. The caller claims that a family member is in jail, hospitalized, or has an urgent debt that must be paid.

Residents are asked to provide credit card information over the phone, or to purchase a gift card to various stores for payment.

Fraudulent callers have even been known to clone the department’s phone number to appear legitimate on the incoming caller ID. Callers are also reporting they are receiving the same scam call from multiple phone numbers.

The Sheriff’s Office never calls residents and threatens arrest for unpaid fines, warrants, or missed court dates. If you receive an unsolicited call, hang up and report it to your local police department.

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