Northmont refinancing bonds to save money

CLAYTON – The Northmont District’s School Board approved a resolution to issue school improvement refunding bonds, not to exceed $8,810,000, at its Sept. 9 meeting.

“The district is refinancing the bonds at a better rate. The board approved the resolution to go ahead. This will save about $1 million of our taxpayers’ money. It will depend on what the bond market rate is at the time,” explained Northmont Superintendent Tony Thomas. “We expect a closing by Sept. 24.”

He said the same action in 2018 saved the district around $5.6 million.

Also, in the area of finances, Thomas reported the schools received no additional state funding in this year’s regular formula, and that the amount for the schools will be the same as last year’s.

“However, we did receive additional funds for our ‘Student Wellness and Success’ program for two years. We received $458,000 for the first year,” Thomas said.

To participate in that program, schools are required to have partnerships with one or more of the following: a board of alcohol, drug and mental health services; an ESC; a county board of developmental disabilities, a community-based mental health treatment provider, a board of health of a city or general health district, a county department of jobs and family services, a non-profit organization with experience serving children and a public hospital agency,

“We have partnerships with all of those,” said Thomas.

“The government is aware of our needs with the school population for more wellness concerning mental health,” he said.

In his report, Thomas also announced the Northmont Schools received a State Report Card grade of overall C.

“Last year’s B Value Added slipped from A to D,” he said.

Thomas also announced the Northmont Chamber of Commerce of Business Expo will be from 5 to 7 p.m. on Tuesday, Oct. 8 at Salem Church of God.

Senior board reporter Isaiah Underwood reported that at the Kleptz Early Learning Center, first-graders are acting as role models by escorting kindergarteners. At Englewood Elementary, students are planning field trips and projects, Union Elementary School is happy wth the new School Resource Officer and at Englewood Hills, the New Math curriculum is doing well.

The Northmont Board approved acceptance of the gift of a 6-foot x8-foot therapy table from Susan Webb, president of the Northmont Optimist Club and a gift of a check for $1,100 from Mary Ann McInnes for the High School Science Olympiad Team.

The board also approved the following items:

• Ranger Putterbaugh to attend the Educational Theatre Association National Professional Development Conference in New York City.

• Carrie Stone, Michelle Pearce and Melissa Fitzgerald to attend the National Speech Language Pathologist Conference titled, “Minispeak AAC Language Seminar Series – Learning the UNIDAD Language System.” There is no cost to the Northmont District for the event.

• Out-of-state, overnight trips for Academic Challenge Team along with chaperones David Jones and Kara Combs to Glasgow High School in Glasgow, Ky. in September and Yale University in New Haven, Ct. in October.

• Out-of-country, overnight trips for Academic Music students and chaperones Brian Wissman, Mark Johnston, Ryan Chatterton and Anna King to Toronto, Canada, in April 2020 for performances and instrumental clinics.

Board President Linda Blum expressed her enthusiasm for these activities by saying, “These appear to be wonderful opportunities for our students. I’m excited to approve!”

The next meeting of the Northmont School Board will be at 6 p.m. on Monday, Sept. 23, again at Englewood Elementary School, 508 Durst Dr., Englewood.

By Marilyn McConahay

Contributing Writer

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