Perry officers’ quick actions saves dog

PERRY TOWNSHIP – A Perry Township dog-owner has two alert police officers to thank that her pet dog was saved from dying from hypothermia.

“At 6 p.m. on Wednesday, Nov. 12, Officer Jason Collins and Detective Tina Waymire responded to a report of a dog that had fallen into an icy, cold swimming pool on Battery Street. Without hesitation, Officer Collins saved the dog,” said Perry Township Police Chief Tim Littleton.

“After 20 minutes in the water, with a temperature around 17 degrees, the 145-pound dog was exhausted and hypothermic. Officer Collins was able to help warm him up and reunite him with his owner. The dog is expected to make full recovery,” Littleton said.

The swimming pool was extremely cold and the owner, Brandy Rogers, attempted to get the dog out, but just didn’t have the strength, Littleton said.

A few days after the rescue, Officer Collins described what happened.

“The dog was in the pool behind the house. The dog was panting – you could see it was exhausted. I was laying on the deck trying to get him. I had to roll onto my side to bring him up, so I wouldn’t fall in. Then I ended up getting him up out of the water,” said Officer Collins.

“Office Waymire was a canine handler. I asked her how to warm the dog. She told me how to heat him with a blow dryer and a towel and not bring his body heat up too fast,” Collins said. “Tina was glad she was asked to help out with this.”

Collins said he believed the dog was a black boxer, but he didn’t know the dog’s name. He just knew the owner was happy her dog was going to be okay.

“I’m really proud of him for his gut response and quick thinking. He submerged his upper half (into the icy water) to pull the dog out,” Littleton said.

By Marilyn McConahay

Contributing Writer

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