Guess What’s New in Reading?



ENGLEWOOD — It’s the twelfth month of the year which means the winter solstice harbors the beginning of winter. That’s right, December is upon us and it has a lot to offer as it ushers in the holidays with a flurry of activity. It’s also time to cozy up to some good books as the snow falls, and also time to celebrate some of our Ohio authors. Here are five that are worth a look.

Janean J. Phillips: Her newest novel, “Jane’s Suitcase,” takes Jane to to Europe and back. Her physical journey seemed to be quite easy in comparison to her emotional journey. She battles gains and losses of life, of loved ones, of material goods and of a house. The gains and losses of a lover, on the other hand, was unfathomable. However, Jane triumphs over these many challenges. If you want to know what goes on in a woman’s head, this book will give you a clue.

Carlie Yates: She’s in the process of writing a three part series entitled, “Entangled.” Two books are on the shelves now — “Entitled” and “Entrapped.” “Entitled,” it’s about a girl who has it all, who lives in a coveted house, is dating the most popular guy in school and has an endless stream of admirers. She’s Catherine Garner and anything thing she wants she gets. That’s until her mother’s boyfriend moves in and brings his kids with him. With everything upside down, she begins to grow and question everything she believed about her once perfect world. Carlie Yates has been writing stories since she was in the fifth grade.

J.B. Dane: J.B. has penned “Raven’s Moon” — the Raven’s Tales book one. In this paranormal fantasy novel an Otherworld evil is loose in the real world where Bram Farrel, private eye, must track down and destroy it before it destroys him. J. B.’s characters jump off the pages. It’s a job he’s done before in twenty books. Believe me, he’s up to the challenge in this new series.

Tim Smith: He’s an award-winning, bestselling author of romantic mystery thrillers. His newest is “The Neon Jungle.” In the laidback Florida Keys former spies Nick Seven and Felicia Hagens found a paradise far removed from the covert world of the CIA, As they explore the neon jungle of South Beach they encounter a dark underside of the music business, drugs, prostetution, street thugs and political payoffs. Tim’s books have the erotic romantic mystery of Chandler and Spillane.

Judi Fryman: Now that we’ve delved into some different types of books, how about a piece of candy! Judi Fryman is Brookville’s candy maker extraordinaire. Her book, “It’s a Sweet Thing” is naturally about candy. This is her second book on candy making that will give you a taste of some yummy recipes. You also might want to check out her candy shop located in the old bank building in downtown Brooksville. How sweet it is!

If you’re looking for gifts, a book is something to read after the presents, toys and what not are scattered around after Christmas. Stop into New & Olde Pages Book Shoppe and pick up a free copy of our booklet, “How to Give a Book.” It’s got pages of new books from children’s, young readers, young adult fiction and adult fiction to cooking gifts and books about people. There’s no obligation and you can find us at 856 Union Boulevard, Englewood across from Kroger. Happy holidays and happy reading everyone!


By Marianne


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