City establishes area for sidewalk program

ENGLEWOOD — City council recently passed a resolution establishing a geographic area for the annual sidewalk, curb, and drive approach replacement program.

Englewood has an established policy requiring property owners to properly maintain sidewalks, curbing and driveway aprons on or abutting their properties via its annual sidewalk program.

All neighborhoods located north of National Road are included between Valleyview Street to the east and Sagebrush Drive to the west. This area is also where the annual neighborhood garage sales will be permitted without a permit fee.

The requirement for a “casual sale permit” for this area will be suspended for a 48 hour period beginning Friday, May 29 and ending on Saturday, May 30.

City staff will inspect, identify and mark sidewalks, curbs and driveway aprons deemed not to meet the “standard of serviceable condition.”

Residents with the above items requiring repair will receive letters providing them with at least 30 days to make all necessary repairs, arrange for a private contractor of their choosing, do the work themselves, or choose the city contractor to perform the work.

After that date the contractor, Coate Construction, will being making repairs on behalf of affected property owners. This year the city will again include a benefit to residents by paying for half the total cost to replace all of the curb or sidewalk in front of their properties.

“The intent is to improve the appearance and strength of the curb by having one continuous section replaced, in lieu of smaller sections,” said William Singer, Jr., director of community and economic development. “Over the past four years a number of residents took advantage of this option and replaced all of the curb and sidewalk in front of their property. I anticipate similar results this year.”

Coate Construction has again agreed to hold its 2003 bid price again for 2020. The contract amount will include carry over work from 2019 that could not be completed due to an early snowfall.

The contract for the specified work is not to exceed $300,000.
Same area slated for annual neighborhood garage sales

By Ron Nunnari

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