Trustees review resumes for front office post

CLAY TOWNSHIP – At the Feb. 3 board of trustees meeting, Clay Township trustees postponed any action on hiring a temporary replacement for the Administrative Assistant that Michelle Williams had held.

The township had agreed on Jan. 24, at a special meeting, to post a notice of the vacancy on the township Web site,, and had at that time received one resume.

On Feb. 3, Fiscal Officer Brad Limbert handed over two more resumes he had received, and trustees agreed to review the three resumes before deciding.

“We can’t review them here tonight, and we need to arrange interviews,” said Trustee President Dave Vore, suggesting that Limbert make copies of the resumes for each trustee.

Trustees also reappointed Gary Horstman to the zoning commission for a term of five years.

After the appointment was approved, Trustee Steve Woolf looked at Horstman, seated in the audience, and said, “Thank you, Gary, for volunteering.”

Making his financial report, Limbert said the township had earned $11,591.40 in interest after it changed the accounts over to Huntington Bank early in 2019.

Continuing discussion of a matter brought up in a special meeting on Jan. 31, Trustee President Dave Vore said the 2.5-mill fire levy up for renewal this year can be changed and made a permanent or continuing levy without the homeowners losing any rollbacks they are receiving under the current levy.

Some of the rollbacks have been discontinued for new levies, but are “grandfathered in” for existing levies, and the trustees had asked the Prosecutor’s office if changing the status of an existing levy would make it a new levy. Vore said the Department of Taxation had said the “grandfathering” clause would still apply.

The mileage of paved roads in the township was certified. This certification is used by the state in disbursing tax money to the townships.

Woolf said the township will undertake an inventory next to make determine whether this mileage included alleys that have been paved.

Limbert reported the township had gained some mileage between 2018 and 2019 certifications.

“It was 33 miles,” he said, “and now it is 33.715 miles.”

Woolf explained later that the additional mileage came when the township paved Lutheran Church Road from Fernwood Road to the Lutheran Church Cemetery in Phillipsburg. Emmanuel Lutheran Church had told trustees in 2018 it was no longer able to maintain the cemetery. As required by law, the township assumed responsibility for it and decided the road leading to it, although rarely used, was a hazard in need of paving.

By Kay Dawson

Contributing writer

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