Clay Township takes pandemic measures

CLAY TOWNSHIP – Clay Township is dealing with the pandemic.

Normally, the three trustees sit at a head table, the department heads sit at the arms of the U-shaped table arrangement, and chairs are put in rows of five or six for the members of the public. At the March 16 board of trustees meeting, only two trustees sat at the head table, with Trustee President Dave Vore and Fiscal officer Brad Limbert at the sides. The department heads delivered their reports from three widely separated chairs at the rear of the room, and the chairs for the audience (which never is more than a few people) were in two rows of three chairs each with several feet between them.

Trustee Steve Woolf also reminded the department heads that the township’s health plan provided for checking symptoms with a doctor who is on-call 24 hours a day.

Vore said the Web site had the capability for holding electronic meetings and that might be adopted at later meetings.

Randy Robbins of the Road and Cemetery department said that office had posted a sign asking people to call 937-833-4452 to discuss any business. He also said he would give trustees a list of other measures for their approval.

The fire contract with Brookville, which was accepted for one year at the last meeting, was again discussed because the change from three years to one meant an alteration in the language. Vore suggested approving the original three-year contract.

Woolf, stressing that he thought Brookville had “a great fire department” nevertheless argued for the one-year contract. Both versions call for the township supplying and additional $11,000 per year.

“I don’t want the township committed to three years debt when you don’t know what the taxpayers will do,” he said. “I support the fire department, but I want to see the outcome of the levy.” (He referred to the 2.5-mill renewal on the ballot at a special election in August.)

He also said the current pandemic, with shutdowns, made it “critically hard just to maintain what we have.”

He also said since only the unincorporated areas supplied money through the fire levy, it was unfair to take the additional money from the general fund raised from all residents and the JEDD fund supplied by the businesses in the Clayton–Clay Township Joint Economic Development District, which has nothing to do with the villages.

“I don’t believe we should commit this township for more than one year until we hear from our voters.”

Vore objected, saying, “I don’t think $11,000 for continuity of service is over what we would spend on a road. I think we have the money to cover this out of our funds.”

He added that all residents benefitted from the existence of the JEDD.

Finally, the trustees voted 2–1 to accept the three-year contract, with Woolf voting no.

Trustee Dale Winner about 30 applications had been received for the administration assistant position and interviews would begin next week.

The next meeting will take place at 5 p.m. on Monday, April 6. This may be online, and if not, it will be in the township building at 8207 Arlington Rd.

The Web site,, will give details.

By Kay Dawson

Contributing writer

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