Perry trustees hold first remote meeting

PERRY TOWNSHIP – Using a remote digital meeting program, Perry Township Trustees were able to hold their April 14 regular meeting from their respective homes with residents listening and participating from their homes as well to be in compliance with the state’s lockdown due to COVID-19 virus.

“I want to thank all our police officers, first responders, all the nurses, and medical personnel, the road crew, our office staff and the people of our country for coming together during this difficult time,” said board President Melissa Mears to open the meeting.

“This will be a little different from the meetings here. We are doing this through Zoom, so please bear with us. I would also like to state that even though our offices are closed, we have been checking for any messages, just to reassure you that if you have a question or a problem, we will be getting back to you,” Mears said.

Trustee Jason Hartshorn said he is continuing to work on establishing a Web site for the township.

After Trustee Mindi Wynne said she has heard requests for the trustees to have a Facebook page,

Hartshorn explained why that hasn’t happened.

“The key there is it needs to be tied to an official email address, so that it’s not associated with any one person’s personal account — that is what’s holding it up,” he said. “Basically, we need to have an email address so we can have media-sharing, as well as other capabilities, linked with a township-owned email address. We need to move forward on this.”

Hartshorn said he had done research and he quoted some costs. He suggested holding a meeting to discuss it because a March 23 work session had been canceled, preventing him from bringing it up at that time.

In regular business, the board approved the following resolutions:

• Payment of $9,429.36 for police uniforms and ballistic items.

• Payment of $180 for a police security camera.

• Payment of $1,672.33 for an Ohio Township Association Risk Management Authority insurance policy increase.

For the Road and Cemetery Department, trustees approved the hiring of Randy Robbins as full-time employee at an hourly rate of $18 per hour.

The board approved the hiring of Tiffany Westfall as part-time police department property room manager, effective March 23, at a rate of $14 per hour. Pay increases were approved for Officer Stephen Payne from $10 per hour to $15 per hour and for Officer Jason Collins, after six months of service, from $16 per hour to $15 per hour.

Behnken reported on behalf of Kate Christian, trash and zoning administrator, that trash bills have been mailed, with a due date of May 1 to avoid late fees.

The next regular Perry Township meeting will be at 7 p.m. on Tuesday, May 12, at the township administration building, located at 3025 Johnsville-Brookville Road, Brookville.

By Marilyn McConahay

Contributing writer

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