Voting options for Ohio primary election



COLUMBUS – April 20, advocates with the Ohio Voter Rights Coalition and allies held a media roundtable over Zoom to discuss the tools at voters’ disposal and share what advocates are hearing from voters.

On the call, participants highlighted tools available to all Ohio voters, with guidance on obtaining ballots to vote in the upcoming primary election.

These include websites such as and The Ohio Unity Coalition has developed a social-distanced dropbox system network for ballot request forms.

Key election dates:

• Deadline to request absentee ballot: April 25

• Deadline to postmark mail-in ballots: April 27

• In-person voting for Ohioans with disabilities: April 28

• Deadline for mail-in ballots to be received: May 8

Following the call, the call participants released the following statements:

“Conducting an election during a pandemic presents barriers. But even when leaders fall short of the right solutions, in Ohio we always find a way — we stand with our neighbors and our communities so that we all have our say,” said Camille Wimbish, election administration director at Ohio Voice. “Ohioans are right to expect to have a say in their democracy. In this primary election, voters will use their voice.”

“Most of us want a modern voting system and a democracy that works for us, and elections are when we get to have our say,” said Prentiss Haney, executive director of the Ohio Student Association. “During these challenging times we’re all called to defend our democracy. But today, many young Ohioans, especially students, who are at home trying to juggle finishing out the semester online, and supporting their families, are now navigating absentee voting. Most students who are registered to vote at their campus address didn’t plan to cast an absentee ballot. We need to pull together and make sure voters new to the electorate know how to cast a ballot and have every resource to make voting accessible — no exceptions.”

“We are stronger when we all pull together,” said Pierrette “Petee” Talley, convener of the Ohio Unity Coalition and former Secretary-Treasurer of the Ohio AFL-CIO. “The Ohio legislature had no business adding hurdles to the ballot that make our voting process more complicated. Still, people all throughout our communities are pulling together to solve problems and make our voice heard. The right to vote is too precious to leave it behind when a few people in power decide to stand in the way of democracy.”

“In this last stretch, it is vital that voters have all the information they need to exercise their right to vote,” said Catherine Turcer of Common Cause Ohio. “Elections are an important vehicle for change, and Ohioans of all backgrounds deserve to have their say, regardless of their background, skin color, or zip code.”

With the primary closing in, state advocates promote tools for voters

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