Crews to begin fire safety inspections

By Kevin O’Boyle [email protected]

BROOKVILLE – Brookville Fire Chief Ron Fletcher informed Brookville City Council members at the May 19 meeting, held by video conference, that his department is seeing an uptick in auto accidents.

Fletcher also said that crews from his department will soon begin fire safety inspections.

“I have confidence that our personnel will take the necessary steps to protect themselves when they are out in public,” said Fletcher.

He added that what is a “normal” has been anything but.

Police Chief Doug Jerome described what his staff was doing to assist with the reverse parade, that was held at Brookville High School on May 20.

“We’re glad that we are able to help out,” Jerome said.

The reverse parade, whereby 537 vehicles paraded past the local senior graduates, was recently added to the list of graduation ceremonies for 2020 due to changes to traditional graduations made considering the COVID-19 pandemic.

Mayor Chuck Letner informed the members that he was honored to issue a proclamation for the Brookville Sewing Cover Masks group on May 13. He said that group presented him with the 10,000 mask they produced, and the mask was going to be displayed at the Brookville Municipal Building.

Letner also talked about the one-year anniversary of the May 27, 2019 tornado.

“We went through a ‘heck-of-a’ lot, and thanks to our citizens and staff got through it,” he said. “We have shown the area what Brookville is made of.

“We are still committed to everybody and we have everybody’s backs,” he added.

After the main portion of the meeting City Manager presented a lengthy power point presentation on the state of the city finances.

That presentation will be the subject of a story in the next issue of the Brookville Star.

By Kevin O’Boyle [email protected]