MVCTC announces 2020 award winners

Staff Report

ENGLEWOOD – The Miami Valley Career Technology Center class of 2020 scholarship winners were announced on Friday, May 22, during the Senior Recognition Virtual Ceremony.

MVCTC conducted a virtual ceremony this year because of COVID-19 concerns.

There were 750 students who qualified with grades and attendance to receive their MVCTC Senior Career Passport. The Career Passport is awarded to students that complete their MVCTC career program with good grades, good attendance, and the ability to demonstrate competencies in their career program.

The Career Passport complements the high school diploma that is earned while at MVCTC. Students receive their high school diploma from the partner school district they attend.

In addition to awarding Career Passports during the Senior Recognition Ceremony, several MVCTC students were recipients of the 2020 MVCTC Department, Foundation, and Employee Association scholarships. The students receiving scholarships from the local area include:

• Jami Salyer (Computer Repair and Technical Support/Twin Valley South), recipient of $500 MVCTC Foundation Business and Information Technology Department Scholarship

• Macey Kash (Early Childhood Education/Brookville), recipient of $500 MVCTC Foundation Health and Consumer Sciences Department Scholarship

• Lindsey Davidson (Biotechnology/Northmont), recipient of $500 MVCTC Foundation Math and Science Department Scholarship

• Tiffany Barr (Criminal Justice/Brookville), recipient of $500 MVCTC Employee Association Scholarship

• Noah Florkey (Sports Management and Marketing/Brookville), recipient of $2,000 MVCTC Treva and Robert Sidle Scholarship

• Jamie Grill (Criminal Justice/New Lebanon), recipient of $2,000 MVCTC Treva and Robert Sidle Scholarship

• Ethan Landis (Aviation Maintenance Technician/Brookville), recipient of $2,000 MVCTC Treva and Robert Sidle Scholarship

• Zoe Utsinger (Biotechnology/Twin Valley South), recipient of $2,000 MVCTC Treva and Robert Sidle Scholarship

The 2020 MVCTC Valedictorians are:

• Hailey Brumley (Graphic Commercial Photography/Tri-County North)

• Madison Coffey (Early Childhood Education/Valley View)

• Kristin Denlinger (Veterinary Science/Brookville)

• Megan Dennison (Health Occupations/Tri-County North)

• Alexa Garnett (Veterinary Science/Preble Shawnee)

• Madison Green (Cosmetology/Tri-Village)

• Elizabeth Kilgore (Biotechnology/Vandalia-Butler)

• Kianna Magras (Pre-Nursing/West Carrollton) Amanda Olson (Veterinary Science/Vandalia-Butler

• Caitlyn Rieder (Dental Assistant/Brookville)

• Karley Stacey (Health Occupations/Tri-County North)

• Aubrey Stupp (Early Childhood Education/Valley View)

• Colton Thobe (Robotics and Automation/Tri-Village)

• Zoe Utsinger (Biotechnology/Twin Valley South)

The 2020 MVCTC Salutatorian is Katelyn Redick (Veterinary Science/Miamisburg.

Staff Report