Lexipol aids local departments manage policies

By Kevin O’Boyle [email protected]

BROOKVILLE – With all the recent discussion about proper guidelines and protocols being in place for police departments across the country being discussed, Brookville Police Chief Douglas Jerome stated at the June 16 Brookville City Council meeting that his department has up to date policies and procedures that, not only can officers access very quickly, they have to regularly state knowledge of the policies and attest that they have studied any changes to the guidelines.

Both the Brookville Fire and Police Departments use an electronic policy and procedure database, Lexipol, which is managed by the company based in Frisco, Texas.

Major Tom Simon, the second in command with the Brookville Police Department spoke last week about Lexipol, and the benefits the local department receives from the database.

Since 2015 the Brookville department has used Lexipol, and Simon said that with a department with 13 full and part-time members, the advantage of having a database at each officer’s fingert6ips, plus the fact that if any policies or guidelines get updated via a change in any local, state or federal level Simon said that Lexipol sends out an almost instantaneous update.

“They (Lexipol) has created a policy manual for our department,” said Simon. “We make sure the policies are updated to fit the guidelines of out department.”

Simon said that each officer used to have a very thick binder, which took time to look up specific guidelines, and now very quickly, using quick commands, an officer can upload a policy or guideline through the mobile data terminal in the department’s cruisers.

Also, on the officers have apps on their phones whereby if any policy or procedure gets updates or changed the officer can receive very quick notification.

“As long as they (officers) have internet access they can log in and read the guidelines,” Simon said.

At the June 16 meeting Chief Jerome said that his department “gets more (from Lexipol) than what we pay (for the service).

“They (Lexipol) are ahead of the game,” he said. “They as efficient as they could ever possibly be.”

Simon said that Lexipol sends out a daily training bulletin to each officer, which the officer must read, and then answer practical questions based on the application of any particular policy or procedure.

Simon further said that the DTB each officer receives is based upon Brookville policies.

While many departments get certifications based upon performances related to kno0wledge of policies and procedures, like the Commission of Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies, Simon said that the service offered by Lexipol saves the local department having to have additional manpower whose sole jobs are updating policies and procedures because they get updated so frequently.

Simon further said that use of services like Lexipol help departments like Brookville, and others across the region and state, have very similar policies and guidelines.

“In the long run it (Lexipol) is worth it,” he said.

Brookville Fire Chief Ron Fletcher also commented about Lexipol at the June 16 meeting.

Fletcher said that with the amount of knowledge Lexipol can bring to providing policies and procedures that, “they can recommend what would work best for Brookville.”

Fletcher said that with all of his departmental staff having to attest that they have not just read bulletins and answered the practical application questions, he knows that they “have participated and acknowledged” understanding of the policies and procedures.

By Kevin O’Boyle [email protected]