School district updating cyber security system

By Terry Baver [email protected]

BROOKVILLE— Brookville Local Schools district’s director of technology and digital communications informed the board of education he is updating the district’s cyber security system.

“One of the most interesting statistics that I found was that education is the most highly targeted sector of our industry for cyber attacks,” Corey Caudill told the board.

“This is more so than health care and more so than even the federal government,” Caudill said.

Caudill explained the reason for this is primarily because of the data, both internally and externally, the district possesses on its servers.

“So, if our data was to be compromised and a malicious act took place that enabled a hacker to obtain such information as Social Security numbers, the hacker could run credit on that for probably 10 years without that fact being recognized,” Caudill said.

“We are fighting hackers, not just domestically, but internationally,” Caudill added.

Caudill noted “there are two things we can do to mitigate about 90 percent of our vulnerabilities.”

“The first one is to, and what we have done, is to invest in what is called an in-point detection response system,” Caudill said.

Caudill indicated the system is based on “artificial intelligence and machine learning.”

“It’s basically a software we can employ on all of our computers and it identifies, assesses and mitigates risk before they get to the client computer,” Caudill said.

Caudill noted the system is automated.

“The other thing we are doing is 100 percent of our users within our organization will be enrolled in two-step verification and multi-backer-up authentication,” Caudill said.

“This will eliminate the human error. Most of these compromises are a result of like brute-force attacks where passwords and credentials are compromised, so the two-step verification and the and multi-backer-up authentication simply insures that it is indeed you who is logging in,” Caudill explained.

Caudill indicated 100 percent of the users in the district will be enrolled into this system by Dec. 16.

In business matters, the board authorized the district’s membership in the Ohio Purchasing Council.

The purchasing council is an Ohio Regional Council of Governments created to help school districts and other organizations navigate public procurement laws and utilize unit priced contracts.

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By Terry Baver [email protected]