Historical society requests financial help

By Terry Baver [email protected]

BROOKVILLE — The Brookville Historical Society made a request to council for financial assistance in 2023.

“What is the historical society doing to increase their revenue?” councilmember J.D. Fowler asked members of the historical society.

“We rely on donations, but as you well know money is pretty tight right now,” historical spokesperson Carolyn Haney replied.

“We did have a little more success with our open houses this year than we’ve ever had,” Haney said.

“We’ve tried different avenues and encourage people to support the historical society, but you have to be a certain age before you start really caring about history,” Haney added.

Haney noted a grant and an anonymous donation helped the historical society perform much needed maintenance to the Spitler house museum, located at 14 Market St.

“We couldn’t have survived last year without the help from the grant the donation and the donation from the city,” Haney said.

Haney indicated the museum plays a significant role in keeping the city’s history alive.

“We have a lot of wonderful material available, but nobody notices all the items we have in the museum that are meaningful and I would hate to see it go by the wayside.” Haney said.

Haney noted the historical society seeks a volunteer who is experienced with social media.

Haney said the historical society is currently on Facebook.

“We find we get the most hits from Facebook when we can put something on it,” Haney said.

Haney said the historical society has a volunteer who places the information on Facebook.

“But he also has a job. This is a side thing for him,” Haney said.

“If anybody knows anybody who would like to volunteer, we would be happy to have them,” Haney said.

Haney said the historical society members are trying to keep the museum open

“We’re doing what we can do and we’ll survive as long as we can,” Haney said, adding the city’s financial assistance and support is appreciated.

Council plans to discuss the request at a later meeting.

Last year council gave the historical society a $7,500 grant.

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By Terry Baver [email protected]