Air Show announces parking changes due to heavy rain

DAYTON – Heavy rains have made the field parking normally used by the air show for spectator parking unusable. The show in cooperation with the City of Vandalia Police Department, Butler Township Police Department, Ohio Highway Patrol, Dayton International Airport and Butler High School has developed a parking plan for Saturday and Sunday’s show that will place all spectator vehicles on paved lots.

Spectators entering or leaving the show via I-75 Northwood’s Blvd (Exit 64) or National Road will be directed to one of four air show parking lots by signage and police officers:

General Admission Parking

There will be two general admission parking lots. The main lot will be at the former Emery Freight Building on Old Springfield Road. A second lot will be available at Butler High School on Dixie Highway.

Patrons parking in both lots will be shuttled to and from the show’s main gate by shuttle buses running continuously.

P-Lot Parking

All Pavilion and Chalet ticket holders that have a P-Lot Parking pass hanging from their rear-view mirror will be routed to the new P-Lot located off Northwood’s Blvd. The lot is the site of the former Mahle building. Patrons parking in this lot will be shuttled to the Pavilion and Chalet areas by shuttle buses running continuously.

VIP Parking

All Chairman’s Club and other VIP Parking Pass holders with a pass hanging from their rear-view mirror will now park on a paved area inside the fence near the show main gate. Patrons should simply follow VIP directional signage and police/security personnel directions.

Patrons should find these lots very convenient to use. Sunday’s show gate will be open from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm For more information please visit our website at
All parking will be on paved lots, use shuttles

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