Maurer recognized by Ohio Task Force 1



CLAYTON — Longtime Clayton Fire Department member Matt Maurer was recognized Thursday by Ohio Task Force 1, which serves the state and nation as one the top Urban Search and Rescue teams. The Task Force borrows personnel from local fire departments, police departments and hospitals to assist in its efforts. Maurer received a ‘Letter of Merit’ for his service.

“Matt is not one of those firefighters that wants to boast about what he does,” said Fire Chief Brian Garver. “When I got this letter from Ohio Task Force 1, I was shocked with how nationally involved Matt is from our own Wright-Patterson Air Force Base to around the country.”

Maurer joined the Task Force in October 2003 as a logistics specialist. In 2008 he was promoted to Logistics Team Manager. In the nearly 15 years he has been with Ohio Task Force 1 Maurer has been deployed 10 times, once with the FEMA Incidence Support Team. Beyond his deployment activities Maurer applied for appointment to FEMA to a transportation sub-group where he also appointed to serve.

Since 2017 Maurer spent five weeks on travel supporting FEMA efforts, which did not include the nearly 28 days of deployment time in support of Hurricane Harvey and Irma relief efforts.

The Letter of Merit included, “Matt has demonstrated significant commitment to the Task Force and the team’s leadership recognized his ability for that leadership. While Matt is involved in many Task Force activities, he has stood out in the efforts to develop relationships between Wright-Patt Air Force Base and Ohio Task Force 1 logistics personnel, especially in the area of deployment of air mobility loads plans for the transport of Ohio Task Force 1 cache and personnel by air.”

The letter also recognized Maurer for other accomplishments he has achieved.

“I really couldn’t do this without the support of the city, Chief Garver, Chief Seagraves who I work directly under here with the city. That is the only thing that makes this work,” Maurer said.

Former Councilman Dennis Lieberman, who was appointed to council to fill the vacancy created when Councilman Mike Stevens was elected mayor, took the oath of office Thursday night at the Clayton City Council meeting.

Legal Counselor Robert E. “Buzz” Portune performed the swearing in. Lieberman’s appointment will end in December 2019.

The Clayton Community Foundation Sinclair Scholarship for spring 2018 was presented to Alaina Shewman.

Shewman began attending Sinclair in the fall of 2017 and achieved a 4.0 GPA for her first semester while working full-time and attending school full-time. She is studying to become a teacher.

“I would just like to say thank you for choosing me to receive this scholarship,” Shewman said. “It really means so much to me to have this opportunity.”

City council adopted, under the second of two readings, Ordinance O-01-18-02 to approve current placement pages to the Clayton Codified Ordinances.

Council passed two resolutions in single reading for immediate enactment. The first resolution R-01-18-11 authorized the purchase of two police vehicles utilizing the state bid at a total cost not to exceed $55,694.

The second resolution, R-01-18-12, declared surplus equipment available for disposal through sale or public auction.

City council will hold a workshop session at 6:30 p.m. prior to its next meeting on Thursday, Feb. 15 to discuss the implementation portion of the Comprehensive Land Use Plan.


By Ron Nunnari

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