Science Olympiad Team wins trophy



NEW ALBANY — The Northmont High School Science Olympiad team had great success at the New Albany Invitational Feb. 17. The team brought home a 5th place trophy out of 39 teams.

“The team has been improving each competition, but this was the big turn toward State level,” Coach Mary Ann McInnes said. “With 23 events, we often see a few individuals do well early in the season and by Regionals, everyone is seeing success. This year’s team is functioning well an entire month before Regionals, which is March 17 in Piqua. These 15 students work very hard. Not too many kids enjoy advanced studying in their spare time.”

Individual awards were Ian Underburger and James Bousquette who placed 1st in Helicopters, 2nd in Optics and 4th in Towers. Triston Harlin and Darryl Kinsler placed 4th in Mission Possible and 6th in Mousetrap Vehicle. Shaun Spivey, Brianna Gilson and Zach Bousquette placed 6th in Experimental Design, and Gilson and Michael VanLuvender earned a 7th place ribbon in Rocks and Minerals. The 8th place ribbon went to Underburger and Susielee Horton in Astronomy. Just missing placement by one rank were Harlin and Ramya Thomas in Chemistry Lab, Harlin and Spivey in Hovercraft, and J. Bousquette and Underburger in Remote Sensing. Put this with 10th in Forensics, 11th in Write It Do It, 12 in Thermodynamics, 13 in Disease Detectives and 14th in Anatomy and also Ecology, the team scored very well across the board. This is what is needed at Regionals, as they school must advance to State as a team not as individuals.

Prior to New Albany, the team was beginning to see improvement, when they ranked 28nd out of 66 teams at Centerville Jan. 27 and 12th out of 33 teams at Sylvania Southview Feb. 10.

At Centerville, the only individual award was to Underburger and J. Bousquette who placed 4th Towers. Two weeks later at Southview, the duo took 3rd in Towers, Z. Bousquette and Kinsler grabbed 5th in Mission Possible, VanLuvender and Gilson brought home 6th in Rocks and Minerals. 7th place went to J. Bousquette and Underburger in Remote Sensing, J. Bousquette and Logan Spivey in Thermodynamics, and Underburger and Nick Cope in Write It Do It. 8th place finishers were Cope and VanLuvender in Disease Detectives, and Harlin and Kinsler in Hovercraft. Just missing placement by one ranking were J. Bousquestte and L. Spivey in helicopters. This was an awesome finish because the team of 15 were down two members and others had to step in at the last minute.

The High School team would like to thank the Class of 2017, the community, Kindred Funeral Home, Chipotle, Marion’s Piazza, Rapid Fired Pizza and the Northmont School Board for their support. If you or your business would like to donate to the High School Science Olympiad, it would be greatly appreciated. Building and Laboratory supplies as well as color copying and travel costs require lots of financial support.


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