Clayton paving project delayed

CLAYTON — Due to issues with the asphalt plant, the street paving project in Clayton has been delayed two weeks.

Weather permitting the project will begin the last two weeks of June when the following streets will be paved: Dominican, Elru, Fontella, Lempco, Pepperton, Pineland, Pugliese, Shadywood, Tuxford, Vintage and Warrior.

The crews will then move to the following roads and anticipate completion by the end of July: Baldwin Hills, Denver, Enesco, Fairlawn, Fallwood, Firtree, Foursome, Glenhills, Golf Manor, Kinsey, Layne Hills, Marlbank, Michelle, Oakfield, Old Salem (between Taywood and Union roads), Packingham, Park Vista, Pebblebrook, Roblar Hills, Rushleigh, Rushwood Circle, Sand Pebble, Scothills, Seville, Stillmore, Stranwood, Sunnyhills, Sydenham, Templehurst and Woodacre.

Paving of Valley Brook is tentative at this time.

The North Clayton Community Authority will be paving the alley for the residents on Anneliese Way.

What to expect

The paving operation will have traffic control (flagging). All roads will remain open while paving is underway. Once the new pavement is applied and the roller runs over it, the traffic will be released to drive over it. This takes just moments to complete.

Staff Report

Reach the City of Clayton at (937) 836-3500.