Schweitzer recognized by state auditor’s office



CLAYTON — State Auditor Representative Joe Braden attended the Aug. 16 Clayton City Council meeting to present Finance Director Kevin Schweitzer with the Auditor of State Award with Distinction.

Schweitzer has received numerous state awards for his work as the city’s finance director. His assistant, Teri Birchfield, is also responsible for the city consistently receiving high ratings on its financial audits.

“It’s my honor to be here tonight to present the Auditor State Award with Distinction on behalf of State Auditor Dave Yost,” Braden said. “It is important to note that this puts the city of Clayton in a very unique group.”

According to Braden, the auditor of state’s office audits approximately 5,900 entities per year and of that only about three to five percent are eligible to receive this award. This award is presented to local governments and school districts upon completion of a financial audit that meet certain standards to pass a clean audit report.

Qualifications include completing a comprehensive financial report within six months of fiscal year end with a clean audit with no funding for recovery, no material citations, no material weaknesses, no significant deficiencies or any single audit findings or questioned costs. The audit shall have no other financial concerns.

The management letter must not contain any comments related to any ethics referrals, questioned costs, any lack of timely reports admissions, any reconciliation issues, failure to obtain a timely single audit, any findings for recoveries or any public meetings or public records issues.

“This reward represents the hard work of all the city employees that strive each day to achieve accounting excellence here in the city of Clayton,” Braden said. “I also want to recognize council members, the mayor and the manager for all that they do here in the excellent job that they do in accounting for all the dollars here in the city. I specifically want to recognize Kevin Schweitzer, finance director, for his outstanding commitment to fiscal integrity. Congratulations. On behalf of Auditor of State Dave Yost I would like to present the Auditor of State Award with Distinction.”

After receiving the award Schweitzer noted that this was a team effort.

“Like he said, this isn’t just me and Teri… well it’s mostly me and Teri, it is the staff following the policies and procedures we have in place and everyone getting a purchase order before they go out and buy something,” Schweitzer said. “It is an award for the city.”

Schweitzer was asked how many of these awards he has received but said he did not know.

“Mr. Braden, does this come with any kind of financial resources? Kevin has gotten so many of these that we have to re-support or do something to the structure of the wall. It is not going to hold all of these awards up,” said City Manager Rick Rose.

Braden noted that issue was a great one to have.

“Congratulations. We are very fortunate to have Kevin and Teri and the rest of the staff that works on our financials also,” Mayor Mike Stevens added.

Receives the Auditor of State Award with Distinction

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