Reports from Northmont area police agencies

The following information has been provided by Northmont area police departments. The information listed in this column is considered public record and is available to anyone seeking information concerning what is provided below.

For purposes of this column, the term “arrested” or “charged” does not necessarily mean the person was taken into physical custody. It could also indicate that a summons was issued to the subject in lieu of physical custody.

All the people listed as “arrested” or “charged” are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

Saturday, Aug. 3

City of Union

Report 19-061701: A resident reported that an unknown subject managed to access his checking account and withdraw $750 without consent. It is not clear how the account was compromised.

Monday, Aug. 5

City of Englewood

Report 19-062315: While on an unrelated call at McDonald’s on W. National Road a female approached an officer and advised she had been scammed out of $225 for the purchase of an iPhone X. The victim said she met the male at McDonald’s to make the purchase, wired him the money and he left without giving her the phone.

Report 19-062356: The theft of two bikes from the rear of an apartment building was reported in the 500 block of S. Main St.

Wednesday, Aug. 7

City of Englewood

Report 19-062831: Andrew R. Pariseau, 50, of Dayton 45419, was charged with theft at Meijer and transported to the county jail.

City of Union

Report 19-062771: The theft of a book bag from an RTA bus was reported. The book bag contained a Social Security card, state I.D., birth certificate, a black Nike T-shirt, a gray and black T-shirt, a black Android touch screen cell phone, white Apple earphones, and two 14 karat white gold necklaces. The victim fell asleep while riding the bus and when he woke up the book bag was missing.

Report 19-062837: A resident reported being contacted by phone by a man claiming to be with the FBI and Social Security office. The caller stated that the government had discovered land in Texas that was in his name and that drugs were found inside a home on the property as well as inside a car that was in his name as well as blood. The caller asked for the victim’s Social Security number to make sure it matched what the FBI had on file. He provided his SSN and his phone number, which the caller also requested. He was then instructed to go buy a prepaid gift card. After going to CVS to buy the gift card store personnel stopped the victim from making the purchase and called police. While police were interviewing the victim he received a phone call from the man claiming to be with the FBI, but the caller had a foreign accent. Police asked the caller why he had called the victim but the caller said he could only talk to the victim about this matter. The cell phone battery died during the call. The victim said he would retrieve the caller’s phone number from his cell phone after he charged it back up and would provide it for an investigation.

Thursday, Aug. 8

City of Englewood

Report 19-063159: Nathan A. Sprowl, 42, of Arcanum, was charged with disorderly conduct at Walmart. He was banging his head on shelves and staggering around inside the store and at one point appeared to be passed out. He was transported to Miami Valley Hospital North for treatment and issued a court summons.

City of Union

Report 19-062981: Dalton C. Moberly, 18, of Union, was charged with possession of marijuana. He was issued a court summons.

Report 19-063109: Police responded to P&G for a possible intoxicated subject that stated he felt light headed. Police found the subject to be in possession several unknown pills. He was transported to Miami Valley North Hospital.

Report 19-063133: A 16-year-old male was charged with domestic violence and transported the Montgomery County Juvenile Justice Center.

Friday, Aug. 9

City of Clayton

Report CL19-1188: Police responded to Insight Real Estate on the report of a disorderly subject. Two male subjects were arguing and had shoved each other during a property dispute. One male was issued a criminal trespass warning and told not to return to the business or he would be arrested.

City of Englewood

Report 19-063265: Bryan K. Howard, 56, of Union, was charged with driving while under the influence, speeding, possession of marijuana and open container. He has two prior DUI convictions (2014 and 2016). He was issued a court summons and released to his wife.

Report 19-063362: Aaron K. Geiger, 28, of Moraine, was charged with theft at Meijer and transported to the country jail.

Report 19-063412: Police responded to Walmart on the report of multiple cash thefts by an employee. Jaila M. Harris, 18, of Dayton 45402, was charged with theft and issued a court summons.

City of Union

Report 19-063298: Paul D. Anderson, 23, of Vandalia, was charged with violating a protection order. He was taken into custody by Vandalia Police, released to a Union officer and transported to the county jail.

Report 19-063455: Unknown subjects stole an 18 foot car trailer in the 200 block of Shaw Rd. Three other trailers were broken into and removed a three ton Pitsburg jack, an arc welder and an electric winch.

Saturday, Aug. 10

City of Englewood

Police responded to the Villas of Englewood on the report of an intentional overdose. Medics administered 10 doses of Narcan before the subject was revived. The subject was transported to Miami Valley Hospital North for treatment. Robert C. Holmes, 26, of Englewood, was charged with disorderly conduct while voluntarily intoxicated. He was issued a court summons.

Report 19-063616: James A. Hall, 39, of Union, and Mary K. Embree, 40, also of Union, were each charged with tampering with coin machines at Bubble Brush Car Wash. Charges were forwarded to Vandalia Municipal Court.

City of Union

Report 19-063819: While performing a traffic stop a passenger in a vehicle was found to be in possession of drugs. Michael S. Beam, 20, of Clayton 45315, was charged with possession of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia. He was issued a court summons.

Sunday, Aug. 11

City of Clayton

Report CL19-1196: An abandoned 2006 Pontiac G6 was reported at Plaza Car Wash. Police placed a 48 hour tow warning notice on the vehicle.

City of Union

Report 19-064063: A vehicle pulled away from a gas pump at Union Mini Mart with the gas hose still attached to his vehicle. The hose stretched and broke off. The owners of the Mini Mart said they would not press charges if the person responsible paid for the damage. The case is still under investigation.

Monday, Aug. 12

City of Clayton

Report CL19-1202: Police responded to OM Oil on a criminal damaging complaint. The manager reported that a black male in his twenties entered the business and claimed he was given the wrong amount of change a few days ago and had just now noticed. The manager said he would have to check surveillance video to verify the claim. At that point the suspect reached over the counter and knocked down a merchandise display and stated he would be back to the business at night. The manager said they had never seen the suspect before this incident. The suspect left in a 2009 Ford Focus. A license plate number was obtained. Police checked the vehicle’s registration and found that another subject owns the vehicle. The vehicle owner appeared on the video surveillance footage, not the suspect who entered the store.

Tuesday, Aug. 13

City of Clayton

Report CL19-1205: Criminal damaging to a pair of vehicles was reported in the 6300 block of Burkwood Dr. An unknown subject scratched both vehicles with a key or another sharp object. A neighbor observed a subject walking away from the vehicles at 1 a.m. and get into a vehicle that was running with its lights off parked on Summersweet. The vehicle then fled the area.

Report CL19-1208: Police responded to Garden Woods Apartments on a domestic violence complaint. Samuel A. Ford, 22, of Clayton, was charged with domestic violence and was arrested on an active warrant. He was transported to the county jail.

City of Union

Report 19-064614: Identity theft was reported by a resident that stated money had been taken out of her bank account in March that the bank refunded after she reported the incident. Now she received a bill from Frontier Communications, a company that she does not have phone service with. She also discovered charges on her credit card from and that she had not ordered anything from that website.

Report 19-064659: Police responded to P&G on the report of a disorderly female who had flipped over a table and tossed items from a desk and was threatening to damage cars in the parking lot after being fired. De’Zhanae K. Camp, 19, of Harrison Twp., was charged with disorderly conduct. She was issued a court summons.

Wednesday, Aug. 14

City of Clayton

Report CL19-1211: The theft of $320 from a resident’s room was reported at the Cottages of Clayton.

City of Union

Report 19-064864: James W. Butler, 49, of Springfield, was charged with driving while under the influence and possessing drug abuse instruments. He was taken into custody and transported to the county jail.

Thursday, Aug. 15

City of Clayton

Report CL19-1214: While performing a business inspection at KTM Cycles an officer found an unlocked door and opened it setting the alarm off. The officer called for backup and while monitoring the outside of the business he heard a thumping sound near one of the doors. While waiting for the second officer the alarm reset. When the second officer arrived and they opened the door the alarm did not sound like it should have. Officers could not find anything out of place and as they walked out the business owner arrived and reported seeing a vehicle on Dorchester Drive turn its lights on and then head north on Main Street at a high rate of speed. While inspecting the interior of the business with the owner two alarm strips on the tops of two doors were found to be tampered with and turned sideways so that an alarm would not sound if the doors were opened.

Report Cl19-1215: While on patrol a resident in the 4500 block of Sydenham Drive flagged an officer down and reported that three vehicles had been dumped on the street in front of her residence. All three vehicles belonged to her granddaughter and had not been moved in weeks. The officer placed 48 tow warning notices on all three vehicles.

Report CL19-1216: The sale of two fake concert tickets on Facebook for a Jason Aldean concert at Riverbend was reported. The victim paid $80 for the tickets and later learned the same tickets had also been sold to another subject. The victim tried to contact the seller on Facebook but had been blocked. The victim then purchased to tickets from Ticketmaster that look exactly like the ones that were for sale on Facebook Marketplace.

Report CL19-1217: Police responded to the 5500 block of Westbrook Road on the report of an open fire burning in a backyard. The fire department requested that police issue the homeowner a written warning for the fire.

By Ron Nunnari

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