Northmont area police reports

The following information has been provided by Northmont area police departments. The information listed in this column is considered public record and is available to anyone seeking information concerning what is provided below.

For purposes of this column, the term “arrested” or “charged” does not necessarily mean the person was taken into physical custody. It could also indicate that a summons was issued to the subject in lieu of physical custody.

All the people listed as “arrested” or “charged” are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

Wednesday, March 29

Clay Township

Report 17-7000-03: An officer attempted to pull a motorcycle over that was traveling 78 miles per hour on State Route 49 north. As the officer pulled out to conduct the traffic stop the motorcyclist downshifted and accelerated rapidly away. The officer caught up to the motorcycle just south of Sweet Potato Ridge Road and paced its speed at 103 miles per hour. The driver looked back over his shoulder and recognized the officer’s attempt to stop him but failed to comply. Using his public address speaker the officer verbally ordered the driver to pull over several times before he complied. The motorcyclist kept looking over his shoulder as he slowed down and the officer believed he was judging the best chance to accelerate away again so the officer pulled ahead of him and turned at an angle to block an escape attempt. As the officer exited his vehicle the motorcyclist began pushing his motorcycle backwards with his feet in an effort to get far enough away from the police cruiser to pull around it an escape. The officer ordered the driver off his bike twice without success so he ordered him off the bike at Taser point. The driver was immediately detained and the officer could smell an overwhelming odor of alcohol. After failing a series of field sobriety tests Kyle J. Doles, 22, of Brookville, was charged with driving while under the influence, driving while under the influence violator within 20 years of having been convicted of or pleaded guilty to DUI, and speeding. He was issued a court summons and released to his father.

Friday, March 31

Clay Township

Report 17-7247-03: Police were dispatched to the 13000 block of Westbrook Road on a possible overdose. Police located a male subject who was conscious but did appear to be under the influence of narcotics. Medics from Brookville Fire Department checked his condition but he refused treatment and signed a refusal form. The male admitted that he may have ingested heroin earlier.

Monday, April 3

City of Englewood

Report 17-019619: Lionel W. Cox, 29, of Clayton, was charged with domestic violence, improper handling firearms in a motor vehicle, possession of drug paraphernalia and possession of drugs. He was transported to the Montgomery County Jail.

Report 17-019625: An unknown white male stole two KitchenAid stand mixers at Kroger and fled in an unknown make of vehicle in an unknown direction. The theft was caught on video. A store manager advised that the same subject had done this before and so far has stolen a total of five mixers.

Tuesday, April 4

City of Englewood

Report 17-019845: Police responded to the Clarion Inn on the report of an unconscious subject in a vehicle. A male was located in the driver’s seat that was having trouble breathing and was turning blue. Englewood Medics arrived and administered Narcan. After eight doses the male regained consciousness. He admitted to snorting heroin. He was transported to the Samaritan North Emergency Room for treatment. Roger M. Chaudion, 43, of Kirklin, IN, was charged with disorderly conduct and issued a court summons.

Clay Township

Report 17-7085-04: Police responded to the Darke County Jail to pick up a subject arrested on a warrant. Kyle Reece Garland Gilbert, 28, of Greenville, was arrested by Greenville Police on a warrant issued by Clay Township for failure to appear on a traffic violation. He was released to a Clay Township officer and transported to the Montgomery County Jail.

Wednesday, April 5

City of Englewood

Report 17-019998: Police responded to Kroger where police reviewed video of a suspect stealing two KitchenAid mixers. Police were able to identify the suspect and the vehicle he fled in. The case will be forwarded to Detective Collins for follow-up.

Report 17-020046: Police responded to the 500 block of S. Main St. on a drug overdose. Englewood Medics administered three doses of Narcan to revive the subject. He was transported to Good Samaritan North Emergency Room for treatment. Brandon M. Burkhart, 23, was charged with disorderly conduct and issued a court summons.

Thursday, April 6

City of Englewood

Report 17-02094: Wesley A. Williams, 33, of Marion, was charged with theft without consent at Walmart. He was transported to the Montgomery County Jail.

Report 17-020318: Police responded to the Meijer parking lot on the report of an unconscious male in the passenger seat of a vehicle. When police arrived a hysterical female yelled to the officer “Help him!” The male was turning blue and having trouble breathing. A toddler in the vehicle was looking at the male and was obviously frightened and distressed. A female toddler was also distressed. Englewood Medics arrived and administered eight doses of Narcan but was not revived. He was removed and taken to Good Samaritan North Emergency Room for treatment where he received an additional four doses. Justin N. Clay, 31, of Urbana, was charged with disorderly conduct and endangering children. He was issued a court summons.

Friday, April 7

City of Clayton

Report 17-692: Police responded to Dollar General on the report of a black male and female that stole multiple items from the store and fled south on Main Street at a high rate of speed in a U-Haul truck with no visible registration.

Saturday, April 8

City of Clayton

Report 17-703: Police responded to Shell True North on three subjects in a van possibly under the influence of drugs. Police searched the van and found a scale with an unknown white powdery substance on it and several hypodermic needles and metal spoon. One of the subjects was discovered to be a wanted subject by the state of Indiana. James G. Black, 31, of Marietta, was arrested on a warrant, taken into custody and transported to the Montgomery County Jail.

Report 17-705: Police responded to OM Oil on a theft. A male subject stated he went into the gas station purchased gas and then went inside to purchase another item. He placed $200 cash on the counter in various denominations on the counter and a friend began talking to him and he became distracted. After making his purchase he left the store but left the $200 on the counter. He went back inside and asked the clerk if he had seen his money. The clerk stated he had not. A review of store surveillance equipment revealed an unknown white male, approximately 6-feet tall, 240 pounds, with a shaved head and facial hair wearing a black T-shirt and blue jeans walked up to the counter to make a purchase and after doing so removed the $200 from the counter and left the store.

City of Englewood

Report 17-020818: Police responded to Meijer on a female that had passed out inside the store. Englewood Medics arrived an administered two doses of Narcan. The female told medics she had snorted Percocet powder before entering the store. She was transported to Good Samaritan North Emergency Room for treatment. Christina R. Reynolds, 40, of Fairborn, was charged with disorderly conduct and issued a court summons.

Report 17-020831: Police were dispatched to Taco Bell on the report of a male and female fighting in the parking lot. Police located the female in the lot of Precision Tune. She was found to be a wanted subject. Alexis M. Satterffield, 18, at large, was arrested on four warrants for felony receiving stolen property, misdemeanor receiving stolen property, criminal trespassing and possession of drug paraphernalia. She was taken into custody and transported to the Montgomery County Jail.

Sunday, April 9

City of Englewood

Report 17-020875: Antwan L. Freeman, 24, of Harrison Twp., was charged with domestic violence and transported to the Montgomery County Jail.

Report 17-020913: Police responded to the Clarion inn on a drug complaint. Management requested the occupants of a room to vacate the premises. Police found a comatose male who had snorted heroin in a room with a female. He was transported to Good Samaritan North Emergency Room for treatment. Troy J. Roberts, 29, of Baraga, WI, was charged with disorderly conduct and issued a court summons.

Monday, April 10

City of Clayton

Report 17-715: Police responded to Inwood Avenue on the report of a wanted subject working outside. When police arrived an officer walked behind the residence and observed two subjects working and speaking with a third subject standing in the area of the garage. A detective arrived and the subject ran into the garage. The detective ordered the male to come out. The detective thought the male was hiding inside a closet and moved closer to look when the male bolted out of the garage and began running through the back yard. An officer chased the male and caught him and took him to the ground. Jeremy A. Hamlin, 33, of Clayton, was arrested on three warrants and was also charged with obstructing official business. He was transported to the Montgomery County Jail.

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