Northmont area police reports

The following information has been provided by Northmont area police departments. The information listed in this column is considered public record and is available to anyone seeking information concerning what is provided below.

For purposes of this column, the term “arrested” or “charged” does not necessarily mean the person was taken into physical custody. It could also indicate that a summons was issued to the subject in lieu of physical custody.

All the people listed as “arrested” or “charged” are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

Wednesday, Aug. 16

City of Union

Report 17-048080: Police responded to Max’s (formerly Trish’s Café) on the report of a disorderly subject. Bar staff told officers that if the subject paid his bar tab that they would not press charges. An officer escorted the male to a residence across the street where the subject asked his girlfriend for money so that he could pay his tab. While waiting for another officer to complete paperwork to have the subject trespassed from the business, the male kept raising his voice to the point of yelling. He was warned several times to keep it down and to stop cursing. The subject kept telling the officer that he works for Union City Manager John Applegate at his business, the Toll House Tavern, and that he would call Applegate’s wife tomorrow and have the officer fired. He also stated the officers were not real police officers, only cadets, because they work for the City of Union. After leaving the residence and walking back to the bar officer’s heard a loud noise coming from the residence. Another person came across the street and told officer’s the subject was throwing a coffee table and other objects inside the residence. When officers entered the residence they found the coffee table in pieces on the floor and the subject lying on the couch. He was placed in handcuffs. Daniel W. Gevat, 31, of Union, was charged with disorderly conduct while intoxicated and transported to the Montgomery County Jail.

Sunday, Aug. 20

City of Union

Report 17-049126: Police responded to Max’s on the report of a disorderly subject on the premises that had been trespassed from the property. Daniel W. Gevat, 31, of Union, was charged with criminal trespass. Charges were forwarded to Vandalia Municipal Court.

Monday, Aug. 21

City of Union

Report 17-049249: A vehicle was stopped for a speed violation. The driver was found to be under suspension as well as intoxicated. Stevie Smith, 58, of West Milton, was charged with driving while under the influence, refusal of a breath test, driving under DUI suspension and speeding. He was issued a court summons and released to a friend.

Report 17-049260: Criminal damaging to a vehicle was reported in the 100 block of Montgomery Road. The victim advised that on Aug. 21 she noticed an unknown liquid on her driver’s side front door. While leaving for work on today’s date she discovered someone had scratched an obscenity onto the back of her vehicle. When asked if she was aware of anyone that disliked her enough to damager her vehicle she identified two male subject that are seniors at Northmont High School, both of which live in the City of Union.

Report 17-049893: A resident advised police that someone had obtained her bank card information and tried to make a transaction in Washington D.C. Her bank notified her and told her to file a police report.

Tuesday, Aug. 22

City of Union

Report 17-049440: The theft of a gold wedding band was reported at a residence on Lexington Farm Road. The victim’s 10-year-old stepdaughter was found to be in possession of the ring by school officials at Union Elementary. She was charged with theft.

Report 17-049581: Police responded to the intersection of Main Street and East Martindale Road on the report of a female driver passed out at the traffic light. Two officers arrived and the vehicle turned right onto East Martindale. The officers pulled the vehicle over between River Road and the Stillwater River. When an officer approached the vehicle and tapped on the passenger door the driver fled accelerating quickly as it fled east. Officer followed the driver to Frederick Pike where she turned right and headed toward National Road. As the vehicle pulled to a stop at the traffic light with its left signal on an officer managed to pull ahead of the vehicle and block it. The officer approached the driver and told her to put the car in park. She complied and then removed the keys from the ignition and dropped them into her tank top. Due to her high level of intoxication a Butler Twp. medic unit was summoned to evaluate her condition. She was transported to Good Samaritan North for treatment. The female agreed to have blood drawn to determine her level of intoxication. Luana A. Ping, 61, of Tipp City, was charged with driving while under the influence, failure to comply with the order of a police officer and expired plates. She was issued a court summons.

Wednesday, Aug. 23

City of Union

Report 17-049773: A 16-year-old male was charged with domestic violence and transported to the Montgomery County Juvenile Detention Center.

Thursday, Aug. 24

City of Union

Report 17-050002: Assault was reported in the 100 block of Aleshire Farm Circle. Due to conflicting stories and probable intoxication no charges were filed. Both parties involved were ordered to stay away from each other.

Saturday, Aug. 26

City of Union

Report 17-050509: A male and female juvenile damaged a picnic table, a security camera and a security camera sign at Community Park. Charges were forwarded to Montgomery County Juvenile Court.

Sunday, Aug. 27

City of Union

Report 17-050593: Fraud was reported by a resident who discovered that either his Ebay or PayPal account might have been hacked to make unauthorized charges on his credit card.

Report 17-050718: Two juvenile witnesses a man get out of a vehicle, kick the door then get on the hood and kick-in the windshield. The vehicle owner was contacted and she refused to press charges. She stated she and the male were having issues and had been arguing.

Monday, Aug. 28

City of Union

Report 17-050901: Menacing was reported on San Bernardino Trail. The victim refused to press charges.

Tuesday, Aug. 29

City of Union

Report 17-051133: A female on Nordoff Farm Road reported that while taking a bath with the bathroom door locked an unknown male knocked on the door and asked what she was doing. At first she thought it was her boyfriend, but after calling him on her cell phone she discovered he was still at work. She called 911 and police arrived and searched the residence. No one was found inside. The female had left the garage door open and the interior door unlocked.

Sunday, Sept. 3

City of Clayton

Report 17-1761: Criminal damaging to a vehicle was reported at Winston Woods apartments. The victim believes her brother’s female acquaintance put scratches in the paint after he sent her a text earlier in the day telling her he wanted nothing more to do with her.

City of Union

Report 17-052236: Unknown subjects removed a Canon Rebel camera, zoom lens and memory cards from the glove box of a vehicle parked in the 300 block of Sheets St.

Monday, Sept. 4

City of Clayton

Report 17-1762: Theft was reported at UDF where four females walked through the store and removed items form the shelf. The suspects then drove to Cognac’s Lounge and went inside. An officer located the vehicle and found open bags of chips, candy and drinks matching the description of the items stolen. The suspects were located inside of Cognac’s and were cited. Simone N. Hicks, 38, of Dayton 45417, Latoria L. Peppers, 28, of Dayton 45406, Brandy S. Dancer, 37, of Dayton 45406, and Danielle Boykins, 32, of Trotwood, were each charged with theft and issued a summons to appear in court.

Tuesday, Sept. 5

City of Englewood

Report 17-052591: Moises G. Espino, 20, of Satan Rosa, Calif., was charged with theft without consent at Walmart. He was transported to the county jail.

Wednesday, Sept. 6

City of Clayton

Report 17-1775: An unknown subject entered an unlocked vehicle on Crescent Ridge Drive and removed several bags containing stones and jewelry that the victim makes and sells. A purse was also stolen containing several credit cards, bank cards, a driver’s license and $80 cash. The officer checked the area and located all of the stolen items lying in a creek and returned them to the victim. The $80 cash was not recovered.

Report 17-1777: An unknown subject entered an unlocked vehicle parked in the 4700 block of Old Salem Road and removed two wallets containing a driver’s license, Social Security card and four bank cards.

Report 17-1783: An unknown subject entered an unlocked vehicle parked in a driveway in the 6700 block of Glenhills Drive and removed a small tool kit and the magazine to a Glock 19 handgun containing hollow point ammunition.

City of Englewood

Report 17-052856: Tara N. Steck, 28, of Greenville, was charged with theft without consent at Walmart. She was transported to the county jail.

Clay Township

Report 17-19477-09: A theft from a vehicle was reported in the 13500 block of Upper Lewisburg Salem Rd. A pressure washer, an impact drill, 200 feet of hose and a gum tip were removed from the vehicle. The victim provided the name of an employee that he suspects of stealing the items. Total loss was set at $3,850.

Report 17-19478-09: Shevaughn L. Henry, 20, of Dayton 45406, was arrested on a warrant for a probation violation. He was transported to the Montgomery County Jail.

Thursday, Sept. 7

City of Clayton

Report 17-1788: While patrolling the area of Glenhills and Scotthills drives due to a series of recent vehicle break-ins, an officer spotted a white male wearing a black hooded sweatshirt walking from a parked silver Chrysler 300 parked on the side of Glenhills Drive. A second white male was in the passenger seat with his door slightly ajar. The officer shined his takedown lights on the subject walking away and he took off running jumping a chain link fence and into a backyard. The officer stayed with the subject in the vehicle while another officer searched for the suspect that fled. The passenger in the vehicle was rummaging through items and stated that he and his step-son were just driving around. An Englewood officer arrived as backup. While searching the vehicle the Clayton officer found a set of latex gloves and a set of work gloves, a flashlight, one headlight, two large knives, a Ziploc Baggie containing large amounts of coins/currency, a brown bracelet and a tungsten ring. An older model iPod was also located. While the vehicle was being searched Riverside Police responded to the 900 block of Broadmead Avenue in their jurisdiction on the report of a vehicle being driven without the owner’s consent involving a silver Chrysler 300. Steven L.W. Shade, 36, of Riverside, was charged with the unauthorized use of a motor vehicle. Shade was transported to Vandalia and released to the custody of Riverside Police.

Report 17-1797: An unknown subject entered a pair of unlocked vehicles on E. Mill Street and removed a $150 Speedway gift card from one vehicle and $25 cash from the other vehicle.

City of Englewood

Report 17-052965: Danielle N. Anderson, 33, of Dayton 45406, and her two children, both 13 years of age, were each charged with theft without consent at Walmart. All three were issued a court summons.

Report 17-053057: Police responded to Waffle House to assist Butler Twp. officers with a stolen vehicle in the parking lot. Butler Twp. charged a male who was in possession of the stolen vehicle with receiving stolen property. Englewood Police arrested two other subjects. Samantha Jo Thomas, 22, of Greenville, was arrested on an active warrant and was also charged with possessing drug abuse instruments. Codie L. Rickmon, 29, of Miamisburg, was arrested on a warrant and was charged with criminal trespass. Thomas and Rickmon were transported to the county jail.

Report 17-053174: Austin A. Hamlin, 22, of Huber Heights, was charged with driving non-compliance suspension, driving under financial responsibility act suspension, and displaying plates belonging to another vehicle. He was issued a court summons.

Report 17-053176: An unknown subject entered an unlocked vehicle in the 7000 block of Park Vista Road and removed a school binder and pair of glasses. A neighbor found the stolen items while walking and returned them to the victim.

Friday, Sept. 8

City of Clayton

Report 17-1801: Jason J. Alderman, 29, of Clayton, was charged with violating a protection order, inducing panic, criminal trespassing and disorderly conduct in the 7900 block of Melody Road. He was transported to the county jail.

City of Englewood

Report 17-053316: A 17-year-old male was arrested on an active warrant and was transported to the Montgomery County Juvenile court by his probation officer.

Report 17-053319: Telecommunications harassment was reported on Meadow Thrush Drive.

Report 17-053392: Shawna S. Trammell, 35, of Dayton 45402, was charged with theft at Meijer. She was transported to the county jail.

Report 17-053404: Terry A. Strohmenger, 45, of Piqua, was charged with driving under suspension on an original charge of operating a vehicle intoxicated. A passenger in the vehicle, Jodi N. Laughlin, 32, of Dayton 45432, was arrested on a warrant through Monroe Mayors Court. Strohmenger and Laughlin were both transported to the county jail.

Saturday, Sept. 9

City of Englewood

Report 17-053515: Gary D. Boyd, 43, of Dayton 45405, was charged with theft without consent and possessing criminal tools at Walmart. He was transported to the county jail.

Report 17-053552: A 16-year-old female was charged with theft without consent at Walmart and released to her guardian.

Report 17-053588: Tyesha La’shey Qualls-Tanui, 22, of Clayton 45415, was charged with theft at Meijer. She fled the scene prior to police arrival. Charges were forwarded to Vandalia Municipal Court for issuance of a court summons.

Sunday, Sept. 10

City of Clayton

Report 17-1813: A 1999 Subaru Forester was stolen from a driveway in the 6300 block of Burkwood Drive while the residents were away on vacation. The vehicle was later involved in a hit and run accident in Harrison Township and driven back to the Burkwood Drive address where it was towed away by order of the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office.

Report 1816: The theft of a cell phone was reported in the 3900 block of Valley Brook Drive South. The victim advised she was working in her yard when she was approached by a juvenile black male that stated he was selling candles to fund a trip to Washington D.C. with his school. She stated she went inside to retrieve some cash and placed an order and after the juvenile left, she discovered her cell phone was missing from on top of a rock where she had placed it. She attempted to locate the phone but it returned as being offline.

Monday, Sept. 11

City of Clayton

Report 17-1821: An unknown subject pushed a mailbox over in the 6300 block of Garber Road. The victim stated the mailbox had also been damaged on Sept. 6 but she did not report it.

Report 17-1822: An unknown subject destroyed a mailbox in the 7100 block of Garber Road.

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