Northmont area police reports

The following information has been provided by Northmont area police departments. The information listed in this column is considered public record and is available to anyone seeking information concerning what is provided below.

For purposes of this column, the term “arrested” or “charged” does not necessarily mean the person was taken into physical custody. It could also indicate that a summons was issued to the subject in lieu of physical custody.

All the people listed as “arrested” or “charged” are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

Tuesday, Oct. 24

City of Union

Report 17-064908: An unknown subject entered a trailer parked at Country Keeper Stor-N-Lock and stole items. A trunnion hitch, a sound bar, two extended rear view mirrors and six flashlights were stolen from the trailer.

Thursday, Nov. 2

City of Union

Report 17-067175: Falsification of hours worked by an employee of Adecco was reported. The employee was terminated.

Report 17-067234: Tanner H. Vernier, 18, of West Carrollton, and A’re T. Mahaffey, 28, of Dayton 45410, were both charged with solicitation permit required. Each was issued a court summons and released.

Clay Township

Report 17-20279-11: Residents of Pleasant Plain Road reported a suspicious male that was digging through trash and had possibly entered someone’s garage. Police located the subject, a known male with mental health issues, walking along the side of the roadway. He denied going through people’s trash and said people were liars and also said the officer was liar. The male had items stuffed in the pockets of his pants and coat causing them to bulge. Some of the items included used toilet paper and dirty socks. The subject was transported to Good Samaritan North for a mental health evaluation.

Friday, Nov. 3

Clay Township

Report 17-20289-11: A wallet containing an Indiana’s driver’s license and other personal items was found at the base of a driveway on Dayton-Greenville Pike. Police took the wallet for safekeeping until the owner can be notified.

Report 17-20301-11: Criminal damaging was reported in the 7100 block of Brookville Salem Road. The victim advised that someone had driven a motorcycle through his yard and damaged the lawn. He also discovered a metal pipe used to smoke drugs that contained a tar like substance inside. The officer stated he knew who the suspects were because he had dealt with a dispatch the night before that involved a motorcycle. The officer went to the suspect’s residence and noted that there were motorcycle tracks in the grass that extended to the victim’s property, which was posted with no trespassing signs. The suspects were not home. A card was left on the door advising the suspects to contact police.

Saturday, Nov. 4

Clay Township

Report 17-20304-11: Police responded to domestic incident in Phillipsburg. One of the parties involved voluntarily committed to undergoing an evaluation by a crisis counselor at Good Samaritan Hospital.

Sunday, Nov. 5

City of Union

Report 17-067915: An unknown subject egged a vehicle parked in the 200 block of Shaw Rd.

Report 17-068003: William J. Petry, 52, of Union, was charged with domestic violence and transported to the county jail.

Clay Township

Report 17-20316-17: Ryan Malott, 39, of Brookville, was charged with domestic violence. Charges were forwarded to Western Division Court which will issue a summons to appear.

Monday, Nov. 6

City of Englewood

Report 17-068207: A 17-year-old female from Trotwood was charged with theft without consent at Meijer. Charges were forwarded to juvenile court and she was trespassed from the store property.

Clay Township

Report 17-20312-11: The theft of 29 bar chairs was reported by a complainant who alleged a resident of Brookville entered his brother’s business at night and removed the items. The suspect contacted the victim and said he might pay him for the items. The victim was advised that this was a civil matter that should be settled in court.

Tuesday, Nov. 7

City of Englewood

Report 17-068385: Police responded to the Miami Valley Career Technology Center on a drug complaint. The school security director advised he saw a vehicle parked in the Student Activity Lot for an extended period and approached the vehicle to advise the driver to leave. A female passenger opened the door and the strong odor of marijuana emanated from the vehicle. The female passenger was a current student, but the male driver was not. The driver admitted to smoking marijuana when he got off work this morning and the leftover marijuana was in the glove box. Police found black bag on the floor of the vehicle with a glass jar inside containing a significant amount of brown leafy vegetation. Partially smoked marijuana cigarettes were also found in the center console. Tristin D. McMahan, 20, of New Madison, was charged with possession of marijuana, issued a court summons and released.

Wednesday, Nov. 8

City of Englewood

Report 17-068698: A 17-year-old female from Trotwood was charged with theft at Meijer. Charges were forwarded to juvenile court.

Report 17-068709: A woman came to the police department to report $400 in fraudulent charges on her credit card. She provided a statement listing the fraudulent charges. She was still in possession of the credit card and had not provided it to anyone to use.

Thursday, Nov. 9

City of Clayton

Report 17-2185: Police responded to the area of Sweet Potato Ridge and Diamond MIll roads on the report of a car stuck in the ditch. A Clay Township officer was already on the scene and had located the vehicle with the driver still inside. A second Clayton officer spoke to the driver. The driver stated that after leaving work earlier in the evening and began drinking and driving at the same time. The vehicle was partially in the eastbound lane facing the wrong way and partially stuck in the ditch. The driver had an odor of alcohol about him. After failing a field sobriety test William R. Yoe, 26, of Phillipsburg, was charged with driving under the influence and failure to control. He was transported to the county jail.

City of Englewood

Report 17-068979: Police responded to Walmart on the report of two white female theft suspects fleeing the scene in a black Pontiac Grand Prix. An officer spotted the vehicle, which had its rear license plate partially obscured with some type of paper affixed to the bottom. The front plate was bent in half and unreadable. A traffic stop was initiated and the vehicle pulled into the Northmont Service Center (bus garage) lot. The vehicle was registered to a resident of New Carlisle. The driver claimed she had bought the car from the resident, but neither the vehicle nor the license plates were registered to her. The steering column had been peeled open and the driver did not have an ignition key. The driver was found to have an active warrant for her arrest through Miamisburg Municipal Court. Deana M. Stacy, 40, at large, was arrested on the warrant and transported to the county jail. The passenger, Tina M. Haywood, 41, also at large, was charged with theft without consent and transported to the county jail.

Friday, Nov. 10

City of Union

Report 17-069312: Dispatch broadcast that a possible intoxicated driver was driving on Frederick Pike. An officer spotted the vehicle, which was having trouble maintaining its lane of travel. A traffic stop was initiated but before the vehicle pulled over it struck a mailbox in the 400 block of Main Street. After approaching the vehicle the officer detected an odor of alcohol about the driver. Candice N. Johnson, 34, of Union, was charged with driving under the influence and failure to control. She was issued a court summons and released to a family member.

Saturday, Nov. 11

City of Englewood

Report 17-069191: The theft of an iPad from a locker was reported at the Kleptz YMCA.

Report 17-069310: Brandon M. Swafford, 22, of Englewood, was charged with playing loud music. Charges were forwarded to Vandalia Municipal Court.

Report 17-069498: Rosemary M. Wood, 68, of West Milton, was charged with theft at Meijer. She was issued a court summons and released.

Sunday, Nov. 12

City of Englewood

Report 17-069717: Paula J. Boothby, 51, of New Lebanon, was charged with theft without consent at Meijer. She was issued a court summons and released.

City of Union

Report 17-069726: Joseph L. Queen, 46, of Englewood, was arrested by Englewood Police on a Union warrant for a probation violation. Queen was released to a Union officer and taken to Vandalia Municipal Court where he posted bond and released with a new court date.

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