Northmont area police reports

The following information has been provided by Northmont area police departments. The information listed in this column is considered public record and is available to anyone seeking information concerning what is provided below.

For purposes of this column, the term “arrested” or “charged” does not necessarily mean the person was taken into physical custody. It could also indicate that a summons was issued to the subject in lieu of physical custody.

All the people listed as “arrested” or “charged” are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

Wednesday, Nov. 2

Clay Township

Report 16-3023-11: Police responded to Sunoco on the report of a theft. Upon arrival a female subject advised that she took a credit card out of her wallet and then placed the wallet in the center console of her vehicle before entering the store to purchase a drink. When she returned to her vehicle she saw a white male getting into a black SUV that had been parked next to her vehicle. When she got into her vehicle to put her credit card back in her wallet she discovered her wallet was missing.

Report 16-3028-11: Police pulled a vehicle over for a marked lanes violation. The driver, Gregory J. Bowling, 34, of Lewisburg, was driving under suspension and had a warrant for his arrest for a parole violation through Montgomery County Common Pleas Court. He was taken into custody and transported to the Montgomery County Jail. A male passenger, Ryan S. Ruppe, 26, of Greenville, was arrested on a warrant for a parole violation through Montgomery County Common Pleas Court. He was taken into custody and transported to the Montgomery County Jail. A female passenger, Ashley A. Bowling, 30, of Eaton, was charged with possession of drugs and obstructing official business. She was issued a court summons and released. After being transported to jail a corrections officer discovered a capsule containing a brown substance in Gregory J. Bowling’s right front coin pocket. He was additionally charged with illegal conveyance of weapons, drugs or other prohibited items onto grounds of a detention facility and possession of drugs.

Friday, Nov. 4

Clay Township

Report 16-3042-11: Police responded to the 10700 block of Preble County Line Road on the report of a suspicious vehicle in a driveway. Upon arrival an officer made contact with a female subject who said she was there to take the resident to Urgent Care because he was sick. The officer followed her inside where another male in the kitchen was found holding a hypodermic needle in his hands. The officer ordered him to stop and detained him until another officer arrived. The male resident the female had come to pickup was located sitting on a couch. He had two warrants for his arrest. Steven D. Mullins, 51, had a warrant through Montgomery County Western Division Court for failure to appear and another warrant issued by Beavercreek Police. After being placed in a patrol car Mullins started beating on the window and when the officer opened the door he stated he could not breathe. He was issued a court summons for his warrant out of Montgomery County and was transported to Miami Valley Hospital. Beavercreek Police advised they would meet Mullins at the hospital to take him into custody on the Greene County warrant. The male that was detained for having a hypodermic needle attempted to dump two capsules of heroin in the backseat of a police cruiser. Justin L. Fugate, 34, of Brookville, was charged with possession of drugs, issued a court summons and released.

Sunday, Nov. 6

Clay Township

Report 16-3054-11: An officer pulled a vehicle over on National Road for traveling 73 miles per hour in a posted 55 MPH zone. After approaching the vehicle the officer noticed a strong odor of alcohol about the driver which became stronger when he spoke. Liquid had been spilled down the driver’s side of the vehicle and the driver had a wet spot on his crotch. He also had slurred speech and had bloodshot and glassy eyes. The driver had difficulty locating his license in his wallet even though it was clearly visible to the officer. After failing a series of field sobriety tests, Steven C. Hinton, 51, of Brookville, was charged with driving under the influence, driving under the influence over the legal limit and speeding. He registered at .215 percent on a breath intoxilyzer test. Hinton was issued a court summons and released to his wife.

Monday, Nov. 7

City of Englewood

Report 16-062107: A 16-year-old female was charged with being unruly in the 500 block of S. Main St. Charges were forwarded to juvenile court.

Tuesday, Nov. 8

City of Englewood

Report 16-062219: A black 2005 Saturn VUE was reported stolen from a driveway in the 500 block of Koerner Ave. The owner later discovered that the vehicle had been repossessed because she had defaulted on her auto loan.

Report 16-062230: James B. Sinnett, 32, of Germantown, was charged with theft at Walmart. He was taken into custody and transported to the Montgomery County Jail.

Report 16-062398: Unknown subjects stole a wheel barrow from the garden at St. Paul Catholic Church.

Wednesday, Nov. 9

City of Clayton

Report 16-2624: Police responded to a burglary in progress in the 11000 block of Haber Rd. The victims said they did not see anyone but observed a red Ford pickup truck flee the scene from their front yard. A female was asleep in her basement bedroom when at approximately 3 a.m. she heard someone knocking on the interior basement door. She then heard what she believed was a male’s voice whisper, “Hey, hey.” She thought it was her brother, whose bedroom is upstairs; trying to get her attention so ignored it. When she eventually went upstairs to use the bathroom she noticed the exterior door to the home was open. She then woke her brother up and told him of the suspicious circumstance. Her brother grabbed his .38 caliber revolver and checked the residence for an intruder. He then exited the side door that was left open and observed the red Ford pickup parked in the front side yard. He did not see anyone in the truck. He then discharged his weapon one time into the ground to scare any potentials burglars in the area. When he went inside he observed the truck accelerate quickly from his yard, travel south on Haber and west on Phillipsburg-Union Road. Police warned him for discharging a weapon in close proximity of a residential structure. The residents never saw who was inside the truck and police were unable to locate it in the area. Officers found damage to the home’s exterior door but the residents stated it was pre-existing damage. No vehicles in the driveway appeared to have been tampered with and neither the garage nor storage shed showed any signs of tampering. Nothing appeared to be missing from the residence.

City of Englewood

Report 16-062072: The theft of an iPhone 7 valued at $750 was reported at the recently AT&T store at 9192 N. Main St.

Clay Township

Report 16-3088-11: Kashish L. Edger, 24, of Greenville, was arrested by the Darke County Sheriff’s Office on a Clay Township warrant for failure to appear on an original charge of driving under suspension. Edger was released to a Clay Township officer and transported to the Montgomery County Jail.

Friday, Nov. 11

City of Clayton

Report 16-2639: Police went to a residence on Misty Oaks Court to locate a wanted subject. Uniqua N. Warren, 33, of Clayton, was arrested on a warrant and transported to the Montgomery County Jail.

City of Englewood

Report 16-062709: Police responded to the report of vehicle crash in an alley in the 200 block of S. Main St. Upon arrival an officer observed a vehicle at the west end of the alley that had crashed into some shrubbery. A second officer responding to the scene discovered a light pole at the intersection of W. National Road and Wolf Avenue that had been struck by a vehicle. A liquid trail was traced from the light pole to the car crashed into the shrubbery in the alley. Damage to the front passenger side of the vehicle was consistent with having struck a hard object. The air bags in the vehicle had also been deployed. Ronnie D. Bowling, 48, of Englewood, was charged with driving while under the influence. He registered at .148 percent on a breath intoxilyzer test. He was transported to the Montgomery County Jail.

16-062816: A female subject reported the theft of a purse at Walmart. She stated she accidentally left the purse in a shopping cart when she returned it to the cart corral. When she arrived home in West Milton she realized she had left it in the shopping cart. When she returned to Walmart the purse was gone. It contained approximately $75 cash, a driver’s license, a conceal carry permit and three credit/debit cards: Discover, Universal 1 Credit Union, and a 5/3 Bank debit card.

Report 16-062832: Police responded to Smith Drive on the report of a disorderly male subject who had assaulted a female and damaged her vehicle. DeAndre E. Locklin, 28, of Trotwood, was charged with criminal damaging / endangering. He was issued a court summons and released.

Saturday, Nov. 12

City of Englewood

Report 16-063010: Ebony M. Wilks, 38, of Dayton 45406, was charged with theft at Kroger. She was transported to the Montgomery County Jail.

Sunday, Nov. 13

City of Englewood

Report 16-063132: Chad A. Baker, 28, of Clayton 45415, was charged with theft at Meijer. He was transported to the Montgomery County Jail.

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