Northmont area police reports

The following information has been provided by Northmont area police departments. The information listed in this column is considered public record and is available to anyone seeking information concerning what is provided below.

For purposes of this column, the term “arrested” or “charged” does not necessarily mean the person was taken into physical custody. It could also indicate that a summons was issued to the subject in lieu of physical custody.

All the people listed as “arrested” or “charged” are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

Monday, Jan. 8

City of Englewood

Report18-0021181: Brooke E. Blackford, at large, was charged with theft at Wal-Mart. She was transported to the county jail.

Clay Township

Report 18-47-01: Voyeurism was reported in the 11300 block of Clayshire St. The victim advised that a white female wearing a hard hat and driving a silver car with a white emblem on the hood was caught by her children walking around the house and looking through the windows. One of the children said the woman looked through her bedroom window while she was in a state of undress. The female questioned the children outside about who lived in the house and asked if a man named Carl lived there. The children’s mother was unable to confront the female who left the area.

Tuesday, Jan. 9

City of Clayton

Report CL1865: An officer pulled a vehicle over for speeding on Hoke Road and after approaching the driver detected a strong odor or raw marijuana. The driver handed over a small plastic bag of marijuana and admitted there was more in the backseat inside a blue bag. An officer found a large amount of marijuana in the blue bag and a box of Ziploc bags on the seat. Officers found another large plastic bag of suspected marijuana on the front floorboard. The driver stated that all of the marijuana was his for personal use and stated that he does not sell it. An officer collected the marijuana and took it to the police department to weigh. The preliminary weight was 136 grams. Richard Lowe, 34, of Dayton 45407, was charged with possession of controlled substances, speeding and driving under suspension.

City of Englewood

Report 18-002309: While two officers had a vehicle stopped in the lot of the Meijer gas station a green Honda CRV came through the lot past the gas pumps and toward the police vehicles and tried to squeeze through a narrow lane in front of one of the police cruisers. The Honda struck a white protective pole in front of the southwest gas pump island. The Honda then backed up and struck the side of the vehicle had stopped for the traffic violation. The second officer entered his cruiser and pulled the Honda over and detected an odor of alcohol when the driver spoke. Sami L. Zerkle, 24, of Piqua, was charged with driving under the influence, of Piqua, was charged with driving under the influence and expired license. She registered at .227 percent on a breath intoxilyzer test. She was issued a court summons and released to a sober driver.

Report 18-002471: A 17-year-old female from Brookville was charged with theft at Wal-Mart. She was released to her mother. Charges were forwarded to juvenile court.

Wednesday, Jan. 10

City of Clayton

Report CL1873: Clayton police and fire personnel responded to United Dairy Farmers on the report of a drug overdose. Upon arrival police found three white females and one white male in a vehicle. The male was unresponsive with one of the females trying to assist him. Three doses of Narcan were administered. The male was transported to the Good Samaritan North Emergency Room for treatment. The three females were released when no drugs or paraphernalia were found in their vehicle.

City of Englewood

Report 18-002672: Police were dispatched to the area of the Waffle House on the report of a white female that was either high or on drugs leaving in a grey KIA. City cameras located the vehicle heading north on Main Street driving on the wrong side of the road. An officer spotted the vehicle, executed a U-turn and initiated a traffic stop. The vehicle pulled over in the center turn lane in front of Advance Auto Parts. Elizabeth E. Brookshire, 39, of Clayton, was charged driving while under the influence and failure to maintain marked lanes. She was issued a court summons and released to a family member.

Thursday, Jan. 11

Clay Township

Report 18-67-01: Fraudulent charges to a debit card were reported by a resident of Upper Lewisburg Salem Road.

Friday, Jan. 12

City of Englewood

Report 18-003339: Steven L. Herman, 46, of Union, was charged with menacing. He was issued a court summons.

Friday, Jan. 13

Clay Township

Report 18-80-01: Todd A. Simpson, 38, of Laura, was arrested by the Miami County Sheriff’s Office on a warrant issued by Western Division Court for failure to appear. Simpson was released to a Clay Township officer and transported to the Montgomery County Jail. .

Sunday, Jan. 14

City of Englewood

Report 18-003539: The theft of three cases of music compact discs from an unlocked vehicle was reported at Meijer.

Report 18-003845: A 17-year-old female from Englewood was charged with theft without consent at Wal-Mart. Charges were forwarded to juvenile court.

City of Union

Report 18-003664: After arriving at a residence on the report of a domestic incident police encountered a wanted subject. Stephanie M. Sholiton, 47, of Union, was arrested on two warrants; one out of Beavercreek and one out of Englewood for failure to appear. She was released to an Englewood officer and transported to the county jail.

Report 18-003682: Brandy S. Mcelrath, 37, of Centerville, was charged with driving while under the influence and released to a friend.

Report 18-003803: A 12-year-old female was charged with domestic violence and was transported to the Montgomery County Juvenile Detention Center.

Monday, Jan. 15

City of Englewood

Report 18-003961: Patricia L. Jennings, 62, of Englewood, was charged with playing loud music. Charges were forwarded to Vandalia Municipal Court.

Report 18-003996: Elizabeth J. Dillon, 40, of Fairborn, was charged with theft without consent at Wal-Mart. Charges were forwarded to Vandalia Municipal Court.

Report 18004012: The attempted theft of merchandise was reported at Meijer. An unknown black male attempted to steal several T-shirts. After being confronted in the lobby he fled the store and got into a vehicle driven by a white female. The vehicle fled north on Main Street.

Report 18-004086: Joshua T. Heinl, 28, of New Carlisle, was charged with theft without consent at Wal-Mart and transported to the county jail.

Tuesday, Jan. 16

City of Englewood

Report 18-004503: An unknown black male selected two 24 packs of Bud Light from stock at Speedway, stood in the checkout line for a few seconds and then exited the store without attempting to pay. Video footage of the theft was provided to police.

Clay Township

Report 18-88-01: An officer on patrol encountered an unknown white male walking down Pleasant Plain Road in 10 degree weather with a wind chill below zero. The officer stopped to speak with the male who said he was in the area looking for work cutting trees. He said his friends were also looking for trees to cut and were driving a grey pickup. The officer ran the subject’s identification and discovered he had a warrant for his arrest out of Madison County, but it was outside the pick up area. A truck pulled up occupied by three males. After running the occupants identification one was found to be a wanted subject. Cory R. Jayjohn, 20, of Springfield, was arrested on a warrant issued by Xenia Police. Jayjohn was taken into custody and released to a Xenia officer. The other three males were advised that none of them were permitted to operate a motor vehicle as all three were under suspension. They were released on their own recognizance.

Wednesday, Jan. 17

City of Englewood

Report 18-004475: A 13-year-old female was charged with being unruly. Charges were forwarded to juvenile court.

Thursday, Jan. 18

City of Clayton

Report CL18109: An officer noticed a vehicle bearing Indiana plates had been parked with the engine running for an unusually long time in the lot of the Shell gas station on State Route 49. The officer approached the driver who stated he was waiting on his friend to finish using the restroom. The officer went inside and checked the restroom but did not find anyone. A second officer responded to the scene and stayed with the driver and vehicle. The driver’s friend returned to the vehicle and had obvious track marks on his arms as well as a sunken face and missing teeth characteristic of methamphetamine use. Police discovered the driver did not have valid license. He was asked if he had anything illegal in his vehicle. The driver denied that he had anything illegal in his car. The officer asked him to roll up his sleeves to see if he had any visible track marks indicative of heroin use. The driver partially rolled up his sleeves before admitting that he does suffer from an opioid addiction. He also admitted that there might be used hypodermic needles in his vehicle in the center console. During a search of the vehicle officers located a glass pipe used to smoke methamphetamine, two hypodermic needles, a digital scale, a silver spoon and filter and a syringe with a needle attached to it. The passenger denied that any of the drug paraphernalia belonged to him. The driver and passenger both admitted that they were on their way to Trotwood to purchase illegal narcotics. Alexander R. Christman, 26, of Hartford City, Ind., was charged with possessing drug abuse instruments and transported to the Montgomery County Jail.

Clay Township

Report 18-98-01: Lance M. Cooper, 22, of Dayton 45020, was arrested in Warren County on a warrant issued by Montgomery County Western Division Court. Cooper was released to a Clay Twp. officer and transported to the Montgomery County Jail.

Saturday, Jan. 20

City of Englewood

Report 18-005323: The theft of a purse from the basket of a motorized shopping cart was reported at Kroger. The victim stated she was assisting a friend with her shopping at Kroger and placed her purse in the basket of the motorized cart her friend was using. When they finished shopping and returned to her vehicle she noticed the purse was missing. She notified the store manager and after searching the store the purse was found in the home goods department. The victim checked the inside and discovered her Chase debit/credit card and a Wright Patt Credit Union card as well as her driver’s license and Social Security card were missing.

Sunday, Jan. 21

City of Clayton

Report CL18132: The theft of a 2011 Dodge Ram 1500 pickup was reported in the 4800 block of Ellis Ave. The victim stated he went outside to start the vehicle, went back inside and when he came back outside the truck was missing.

City of Englewood

Report 18-005558: Kevin L. Williams, 27, of Dayton 45416, was charged with theft at Meijer, issued a court summons and released.

Monday, Jan. 22

Clay Township

Report 18-130-01: Anna M. Comer, 49, of Columbus, was arrested on a warrant out of Clark County. She was taken into custody and transported to the Montgomery County Jail.

By Ron Nunnari

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