City waiting for gunfire petition

CLAYTON — More residents filed complaints about gunfire in the area of Summersweet Drive in recent weeks and police found a resident firing an AR-15 into a dirt mound on his premises.

The mound consisted of tires filled with dirt with more dirt placed on top, making the mound making it about 5-feet high and about as wide and deep.

Police Chief Matt Hamlin said the resident possess a Federal Firearm License and shoots competitively.

“This isn’t just somebody out there shooting randomly,” Hamlin said. “He had a bench and clamp set up for the rifle, which was equipped with a scope, so it was really controlled. He fire five or six rounds to cite it in and then quit. Apparently he has been doing that for a while. The neighbors know about it but we made him aware of his liabilities, but he was finished shooting anyway.”

Law Director Martina Dillon said she had spoken to a resident that attended a prior city council meeting that had expressed her intent to circulate a petition to present to council seeking council to enact an ordinance regarding discharging firearms in the city.

“I have not seen anything comeback from her, so I guess we are waiting to see if she presented something to council with some signatures,” Dillon said. “We have done some research about what other cities have in effect, what ordinances they have with respect to discharging ordinances. We are just waiting to see if we get a petition back from her to see if council wants to proceed with that.”

City Manager Rick Rose pulled up some past information from 2009 when Clayton had some draft versions of legislation that was prepared regarding the same issue. He said he would forward that information to Dillon for consideration.

By Ron Nunnari

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