City expands job category

CLAYTON — With a need to maintain several mechanical items at the city’s golf course, Meadowbrook at Clayton, city council Thursday night adopted an ordinance to add a part-time skilled laborer to its job category.

“It can be very expensive to call in a private firm to even come look at a problem, hundreds of dollars just to assess what is going on, which doesn’t even include the cost of fixing it,” said Lisa Brown, assistant to the city manager. “In order to create a cost effective way to deal with any mechanical issues that could come up, we’d like to have this on-call position added so only if there is problem this person would be called out. We would like to have this approved as an emergency in order to ensure that we have a cost effective means of addressing issues in place in case something occurs in the short term.”

City council unanimously approved the adoption of the ordinance under emergency status.

Council also adopted an ordinance to apply unpaid charges for grass and weed cutting for 2015-2016 to the Montgomery County Auditor for collection with real estate taxes.

“It’s that time of year where we send our assessments to the county auditor for certain fees and unpaid bills that the city has,” said Kevin Schweitzer, director of finance. “The first ones we have tonight are for the parcels that we’ve had to send city crews out to cut the grass and have sent notices to the property owners to pay. They have not paid so we are requesting $27,132 on property taxes to be assessed so that it can be collected when they pay their taxes.”

The fees assessed reflect a $5,000 increase over last year, according to Schweitzer.
Unpaid fees to be collected with property taxes

By Ron Nunnari

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