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Marianne Murray Guess

Marianne Murray Guess

This month I’ve selected a series of books that focus on subjects that many people just don’t understand or sweep under the rug. They are sensitive subjects that can affect our lives in ways that can make us feel miserable, and in some ways affect our well-being. All are written by highly respected authors that have significant backgrounds in each of these sensitive subjects. Hang onto your seats…here we go!

Bullies Everywhere

Yes, bullies are everywhere, the tough kid who beats up other children, the wife who barrages her husband with underserved criticism and the manager who berates employees. Bullying is far from child’s play as you will learn in the book, “Bullies From the Playground to the Boardroom,” written by Jane Middelton-Moz and Mary Lee Zawadski, both outstanding scholars in this field. They explore environments where bullying occurs most — in schools, homes, relationships, workplaces and even cyberspace. They identify six strategies bullies employ and then provide concrete ways to defuse them. In the Foreward it states, “Every teacher, every parent and every counselor should read this important book.”

Stop Your Misery

Stan Kapuchinski, M.D. in his book, “Say Goodbye to your PDI (Personality Disordered Individual),” he helps you recognize people who make you miserable and shows how to eliminate them from your life forever. PDI is a psychiatric term used to identify those people with whom we must interact and who can upset us in the process. Doctor K has more than 25 years in private practice and says this book will help you stop your misery and help you deal more effectively with the users, the manipulators, the smooth talkers and the guilt trippers out there.

Help is Here

Judith Lederman and Candida Fink, M.D. have written a survival guide for parents in their book, “The Ups and Downs of Raising a Bipolar Child.” Bipolar disorder has recently been identified as one of the most misunderstood and undiagnosed conditions affecting children and it is on the rise. Miriam Arond, Editor-in-Chief of Child Magazine, wrote, “The authors provide a tremendous service to parents with bipolar children. The information provided is comprehensive and specific. This book fills a big wide, gaping hole those in need will really appreciate.”

Cyber Addiction

More and more people are isolating themselves, turning their backs on reality, ignoring family and friends and even losing their jobs due to excessive use of video games and the Internet. Kevin Roberts, a recovering game addict himself, offers help and support to those suffering in this downhill spiral in his book, “Cyber Junkie — Escape the Gaming and Internet Trap.” He is a nationally recognized expert on video gaming addiction and in his book gives compulsive gamers and surfers, as well as their family and friends, a step-by-step guide to recovery. This is a must read if you’ve ever been worried that you or someone else is spending too much time and money on video games.

Self Esteem

“Good Girls Don’t Get Fat — How Weight Obsession is Messing Up Girls and How We Can Help Them Thrive Despite It,” is a book by Robyn J. A. Silverman, Ph.D. and a leading expert in body and self-esteem development. She writes, “If you’re wondering whether you should be the one to tell your daughter she is getting fat, let me tell you now — DON’T! Take a good look through this book and you will see who has already beaten you to it.” Doctor Silverman discusses the actions that can damage girls and then provides the tools to help stop them. “Finally, a courageous book that doesn’t airbrush the facts. This is the book we’ve all been waiting for,” says Rosalind Wiseman, author of “Queen Bees and Wannabes.”

I’ve been thinking about reviewing books like these for some time. Now that school has started and parents may be facing some of these very same problems. I thought the time was right. I hope you do, too. Happy reading, everyone!

Marianne Murray Guess Murray Guess

By Marianne

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