Clayton endorses Sinclair levy

<strong>Dr. Steven Lee Johnson</strong>

Dr. Steven Lee Johnson

CLAYTON — Dr. Steven Johnson, president of Sinclair Community College, addressed Clayton Council at Thursday night’s meeting to seek endorsement of Sinclair’s upcoming 1 mil levy on the November 3 ballot (Issue 13).

Johnson is serving in his 13th year as president of Sinclair College in Dayton, Ohio. Sinclair is one of the oldest community colleges in the nation and serves over 40,000 unduplicated college credit students a year, and has a $135 million annual budget.

“It is a 1 mil levy for an eight year term and that will be used to provide and to boost several strategic shovel ready initiatives that we have ready to go in our health care, health sciences strategy, our advanced manufacturing strategy and advanced IT strategy and in our early to college strategy in which we now have 2,300 high school students enrolled,” Johnson said. “It’s about providing those kinds of job training programs that no one else provides to Montgomery County as Sinclair indeed does.”

He pointed out that the levy would allow Sinclair to bring these training programs to market faster with more capacity and more quality than would otherwise be possible. He also noted that during his 15 years at Sinclair, 13 as president, the college has become more efficient.

He stated that Sinclair spends 11 percent less per student than 15 years ago.

“We spend less than the average community college in Ohio per student because we are very efficient and we spend vastly less than universities for undergraduate education even though we are a huge undergraduate college,” Johnson said. “Yet, time and time again we are recognized for our quality. In fact, just this week we were in the Washington Post which touted Sinclair’s successes in improving students’ success rates.”

He mentioned other publications that have detailed Sinclair’s as the best or among the best of the 1100 community colleges in Ohio.

“Mayor, it’s not on the agenda, but I think Sinclair is a great asset to the community and I move we endorse the levy,” said Vice Mayor Tim Gorman.

The motion was seconded by Councilman Ray Slone with council voting unanimously to endorse Issue 13.

Dr. Steven Lee Johnson Steven Lee Johnson

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