Clayton and Trotwood file for grant

<strong>Rob Anderson</strong>

Rob Anderson

CLAYTON — The cities of Clayton and Trotwood submitted a joint application to the Miami Valley Regional Planning Commission for surface transportation grant funds.

“The Miami Valley Regional Planning Commission is soliciting for grant applications for street resurfacing,” said Rob Anderson, director of development. “The last time they offered this it consisted of federal funds that flowed down to the MVRPC to be awarded on a competitive basis. The last time they awarded money through the Surface Transportation Program was in 2014, so it has been a few years since we’ve had the opportunity to apply for this money.”

MVRPC is soliciting for strictly street resurfacing grant submissions with a total of $3 million available on a competitive basis. Clayton and Trotwood have decided to apply for a joint grant to resurface Westbrook Road from Union Road out to Diamond Mill Road which is located on the western border of both cities. The project measures three miles in length.

A local funding match of 30 percent of the cost of the project would help improve the chance of having the project approved for funding by the MVRPC.

“The problem we have is that Trotwood is committed to $60,000, which is the most they could provide for their local match, which would equal a 25 percent local match,” Anderson stated. “Staff is recommending that if we can bump our portion of the local match to $83,000 for Clayton it would get the joint application to 31 percent and would enable us to score better and give us a better opportunity to get funded.”

In 2014 Clayton and Trotwood paved a one mile section of Westbrook Road and at that time both cities paid $62,000 each for that project.

“For about $20,000 more we would get two additional miles of Westbrook potentially paved, “Anderson noted.

The total project cost is roughly $461,000. The funding for the project would become available in 2017. In order to qualify for the funding the city would need to budget its local share in its 2016 budget.

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