Clayton actor appears in movie ‘Carol’

<strong>John W. Harden</strong>

John W. Harden

CLAYTON — John W. Harden, Clayton actor is seen playing the drums in the official international trailers for the movie Carol starring Oscar winner Cate Blanchett and Best Actress winner at Cannes Rooney Mara.

After rave reviews at the Cannes Film festival (France) and numerous premieres throughout the world earlier this year, this major film is gearing up for release in the United States on November 20th according to the IMDb website.

You may remember in a previous news article Harden, a native of Dayton, was cast as a musician in the Hollywood film ‘Carol’ directed by the great Todd Haynes. However; he had no idea he would be in trailers that are used to promote the film all over the world.

“What a blessing from God and a pleasant surprise,” said Harden who is humbled by this honor.

Watch for John W. Harden on the big and small screens.

John W. Harden W. Harden

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