Trotwood Pop-Up Business Project seeking entrepreneuers to open businesses

TROTWOOD — The Trotwood Chamber of Commerce is proud to announce an effort to reinvigorate and revitalize the city of Trotwood with more retail and other businesses for its citizens.

The Trotwood Pop-Up Business Project is an initiative to fill local storefronts by matching business owners and entrepreneurs with Trotwood property owners who have storefront space available for occupancy.

The Project is designed to provide entrepreneurs with the opportunity to test their business concept in a real world setting. The Chamber hopes each one will be successful and become permanent in the community.

Lease lengths are flexible but should not be less than six months. The spaces will have varying lease rates, but will be leased below market value. There will also be leasing incentives (such as abatements of rents the first three months) which will be negotiated directly with the property owners.

New entrepreneurs needing additional assistance with their business plans will be connected with hands on resources to assist them in preparing the full application. Start-up funding is the responsibility of the applicant.

According to Deborah A. Smith, chairperson of the Trotwood Pop-Up Business Project, “For several years, the city of Trotwood has been plagued by vacant storefronts. The Trotwood Pop-Up Business initiative is the Trotwood Chambers’ solution to identify entrepreneurs who are looking to start businesses or relocating their current businesses in Trotwood. These individuals will be given the opportunity to select and occupy vacant storefronts in our community for a minimum of six months. However, our hope is that these businesses are so successful that they remain a permanent fixture. Our residents should not have to leave our community to purchase goods and services from other communities, but rather have everything within their reach in Trotwood.”

“We are excited to offer this opportunity to entrepreneurs in Trotwood,” said Chamber president Bruce Kettelle. “We hope to attract applicants from Trotwood and the surrounding area.”

Interested retailers or office space seekers should submit their name, business name, business address, telephone number, and email address to Deborah A. Smith or David Rice at [email protected]

The request for information deadline is 5 p.m., Monday, December 14.

Upon receipt of responses from interested entrepreneurs, a Request for Proposal, explaining the process and the requirements, will be issued from our office requesting entrepreneurs to submit detail proposals outlining their business plan. After receipt of proposals, they will be reviewed by our review team and interviews will be conducted with top applicants. Once selections have been made, then lease negotiations will be held with the tenant and property owner. Space will be move-in ready. Applicants should expect to open their shops in the spring of 2016. Call Deborah Smith for more information (937) 657-6409.
Project an initiative of the Trotwood Chamber of Commerce

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Reach the Trotwood Chamber of Commerce at (937) 837-1484.