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Marianne Murray Guess

Marianne Murray Guess

ENGLEWOOD — I’m baaack…with more of our exceptional area authors, who were at our book signing event in November, with a range of books from outlaw vampire bikers and the women who tame them to a delightful children’s Christmas hymn book jam-packed full of illustrations and songs you can enjoy. So, here we go!

Patricia A. Rasey: Patricia lives in northwest Ohio and is nationally known. She is the winner of many prestigious awards and an Amazon Top 100 Bestselling Author. Her “Sons of Sangue” series — “Viper” (Book 1), “Hawk” (Book 2) and “Gypsy” (Book 3) — are red-hot reads that delve into the paranormal. Here’s a little taste. “Kane ‘Viper’ Tepes is one of the oldest living descendants of Vlad III. Vampirism is in his blood. So is being president of the Sons of Sangue. Those who break the motorcycle club rules that protect their coven are dealt swift punishment. No exceptions.” Her books have a little edge to them but you can’t put them down.

Jacqueline T. Moore: Jacqueline has been with us before with her first novel, “The Canary,” about a beautiful yellow diamond that rests on her finger and whispered family secrets about how it got there. She was born in Ohio, but spends time in North Carolina. She claims she’s not a “snowbird” and loves Ohio winters with all the ice and snow. Her newest venture is a sequel to “The Canary” entitled, “The Checkerboard.” There are some old friends from The Canary,” but there are new characters that kept yelling in her ear. This book also centers around the devastating Galveston Island hurricane of 1900 that blotted out over 5,000 lives. The headlines said it all —”Death, Destruction and Desolation Was Everywhere.” The newspapers told about the rescuers. Nothing is mentioned about survivors. This book is literally right off the presses and should be another success for Jacqueline. Just like “The Canary,” this sequel will have wonderful recipes and a book club guide.

Scott D. Trostel: Scott’s books are where history comes alive. If you’re into trains you won’t want to miss reading his extraordinary historic narrative, “The Lincoln Funeral Train,” recounting the thirteen-day funeral journey for Abraham Lincoln. This is the story of the nation’s first national funeral, retracing the Lincoln funeral train from Washington, D.C. to Springfield, Illinois — 1700 miles. The book is complete with 143 photos, maps and illustrations. Of the 10,000 volumes written about Abraham Lincoln, this is the only book detailing the funeral journey in 1865. Other Trostel books include “Building a Lima Locomotive” — the steam locomotive construction process of Lima Locomotive Works in 1924 and “Through the Black Night of Terror” — the 1913 flood in the northern Miami Valley. Trostel is the author of 38 historical books, books that will stay in your library and be read again and again.

Marla Cross: Marla is a former English teacher and freelance writer from New Carlisle and “The Cloud of Witnesses” is her first book. Marla suggests that each of us may be under constant surveillance by some otherworldly observers. This is an intriguing book that follows the stories of a select few earthly pilgrims as they struggle to avoid pitfalls on the road of life. Watching from a higher plane are a cloud of witnesses, who have completed their lives on earth, making commentary on what they observe taking place below. As you read you may find what they have to say to be surprising and perhaps even convincing. The unique stories keep your interest and are an encouragement to live out your own life situations.

C.W. Tullis: C.W. lives on a farm in rural Ohio, and plays the organ in her church just about every Sunday. She has written and illustrated “Jesus Christ Your King,” an inspirational pictorial music book about the birth of Christ. The book has 43 colorful illustrations, sheet music that is geared for a beginner pianist and a sing along CD. In addition to the paper version and CD you can also access a free download of the audio version of this book. This is a book not only for children but also for the entire family.

In the past two months I’ve given you a preview of eight amazing local authors and the stories they have to tell. We are blessed to have this much talent in our own backyard. Happy holidays and happy reading everyone!

Marianne Murray Guess Murray Guess

By Marianne

Murray Guess

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