Prosecutor thanks public for using ArriveSafe Program

DAYTON — Montgomery County Prosecutor Mat Heck, Jr. announced Wednesday his gratitude to the residents of Montgomery County for using the ArriveSafe Program over the recent Thanksgiving holiday weekend.

During the period the program was active, from noon the day before Thanksgiving until the Sunday after, there was not a single fatal traffic accident in Montgomery County.

Thanksgiving is typically a dangerous holiday for motorists because, in addition to Thanksgiving being the most traveled holiday, the incidents of “social binge drinking” increase dramatically.

“There is never a good excuse for drinking and driving,” Heck said. “With approximately 200 free cab rides given over the Thanksgiving holiday, it appears that our message is working – have a designated driver or call ArriveSafe.”

The ArriveSafe Program was started in 2007 and since that time has given nearly 4,700 free cab rides home during the holidays. The ArriveSafe program will again be active later this month over the Christmas and New Year’s holiday weekends.

“I am proud of those Montgomery County residents who made the smart decision not to drive impaired,” Heck added. “Having no fatal traffic crashes over such a busy holiday weekend is a great accomplishment. Hopefully we’ll have the same outcome over the upcoming holidays and all our citizens will get home safely.”

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