Union adopts new tax code

UNION — City council adopted Monday night an ordinance to amend its tax code in order to comply with the newly enacted Chapter 718 of the Ohio Revised Code as mandated by the state of Ohio, which goes into effect January 1, 2016.

“This our new income tax law that needs to be enacted by January 1 according to House Bill 5, which requires all municipalities to adopt a new income tax code in order to comply with all of the Ohio Revised Code requirements,” said Denise Winemiller, assistant city manager.

The ordinance was passed as an emergency in order to meet the January 1 deadline.

Council also passed as an emergency an ordinance to amend the annual appropriations ordinance for 2016.

“This ordinance amends the 2016 appropriations to include the revenue that we collected based on the improvements created through the P&G site,” Winemiller said. “Seventy five percent of the property tax values are being allocated for this TIF. The revenues will go into the TIF fund and will help defray the cost of the infrastructure improvements installed to service the site which will be over a 10-year period. The total value of the TIF improvements from the construction of the P&G site is $56.9 million.”

Council also passed a resolution to authorize the city manager to enter into a contract with Miami Valley Lighting for street lighting services for a period of 10 years expiring on December 31, 2025. There is no cost increase during the first five years of the contract, according to Winemiller. Over the next five years there is a 5 percent increase for the cost of the lighting.

“We are planning to stay with our current high pressure sodium fixtures. There are options to upgrade to LED, but the costs are pretty expensive,” Winemiller said. “At this point we want to wait and evaluate whether those costs come down based on the advances in the LED technology.”

Mayor Michael O’Callaghan announced that judging of Christmas light displays would take place the night of Wednesday, December 16. He also discussed his attendance of the dedication of the new Northmont Athletics Facility held Friday, December 4.

“It is a fantastic facility. It is unbelievable,” O’Callaghan said. “I don’t know if anyone here was ever in the old facility, but the new auxiliary gym looks better than the old facility, that’s for sure. IF you get a chance to see a game at the new facility you will see that it is nice and very well done. It has up to date technology in it. I was very impressed.”

O’Callaghan also shared a letter sent to council thanking the police department’s assistance in returning their blind dog. The letter stated: “On behalf of myself and my family I would like to express my deepest gratitude to police officer Jeff Smith for trying to help our dog, Casey, who is blind find her way back home. She somehow got away from the house and his kindness in trying to save her life has touched my heart. I will always be grateful that he was there to help me out. I’m also grateful to patrol Officer Matthew Nave for his compassionate words when telling me the news. I am so proud to be a citizen of the City of Union and appreciate the service your department provides.”


By Ron Nunnari

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