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Marianne Murray Guess

Marianne Murray Guess

ENGLEWOOD — Now that the holiday season is in our rear view mirror we can step back and take a deep breath. Many of you may have received some type of high-tech product for Christmas such as a computer, computer tablet, iPod or smartphone. The problem is many of you may not know how to use them properly. Don’t fret, help is on the way.

Windows for Seniors: If you bought or received a computer for Christmas chances are it came with Windows 10, the latest operating system from Microsoft. So now what do you do? You might want to consider getting a copy of author Michael Miller’s “My Microsoft Windows 10 for Seniors.” This 432 page book is an easy, full-color tutorial on Windows 10 and includes a DVD with twelve free, step-by-step video segments to help you learn to navigate and customize your new computer. Miller is a veteran author who has written more than 100 non-fiction books and is known for his ability to explain complex topics to everyday readers. He wrote this book from the 50 plus point of view, but you younger folks will benefit just as much from the explanatory examples covering all the most popular tasks. The book is also part of Que Publishing’s Content Update Program. As Microsoft adds new features to Windows 10, sections of the book will be updated or added with updates delivered to you via a free web edition of the book. This book is sure to help you set up your computer with no fuss or aggravation, plus you get two hours of easy video help to boot!

Facebook Fun: Now that you have your computer set up you’re ready to join the Facebook fun. You can sign up, build your profile and find friends with “Facebook for Dummies” by Leah Pearlman and Carolyn Adams. Don’t let social media make you nervous or freak you out. This book will help you get started, share your life, get organized and delve even further into Facebook. Pearlman is a current Facebook Product Manager and Adams is a former Facebook Product Manager and both helped create and launch many of the site’s key features. The “Dummies” books have been around since 1991 and helped millions of people make everything easier. With more than 250 million books in print and more than 1,800 titles, “Dummies” is the most widely recognized and highly regarded reference series in the world. The web site says it’s an advanced user of Facebook and learned several good tips it didn’t know about before and can definitely recommend it to all Facebook novices. They added, “It will really help you completely understand how this worldwide social networking phenomenon works.”

Master Your Money: The holiday rush is over and you’re looking at your checkbook and credit card account and wondering where all the money went. Maybe you should read Tony Robbins’ new book, “Money Master the Game — 7 Simple Steps to Financial Freedom.” Robbins has coached and inspired more than 50 million people from over 100 countries. More than four million have attended his live events. Oprah Winfrey calls him super-human. This is his first book in two decades and it addresses the topic that vexes us all — “How to secure financial freedom for ourselves and our families.” He has accumulated secrets from the world’s greatest financial minds. He walks his readers of every income level through steps to become financially free by completing a lifetime income plan. The book delivers invaluable information and essential practices for getting your financial house in order. It’s a large book (almost 700 pages) but is organized and presents the material in a neat and logical order. Here’s a quote from the book, “remember, we all get what we tolerate. So stop tolerating excuses within yourself, limiting beliefs of the past, or half-assed or fearful states. Face your challenges head on with the core belief problems are just speed bumps on the road to your dreams.”

These are just several of the many self-help books available on a myriad subjects. Browse around your local book store and get up-to-date on any of these high-tech products that may be a mystery to you now. I hope, also, you all have a financially successful new year as well. Happy reading, everyone!

Marianne Murray Guess Murray Guess

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