What’s killing your vehicle’s battery?

DAYTON — The arctic like temperatures that have settled in around the Miami Valley area testing drivers and vehicles alike, and dead batteries have left hundreds of drivers stranded.

Since midnight Monday, January 18 nearly 100 Miami Valley area drivers have called AAA for help. As the temperatures began to fall on Sunday, the number of calls from stranded motorists began to grow – since Sunday AAA’s Roadside Rescue Team has come to the aid of more than 900 stranded drivers. How much can your battery take?

Today the average automotive battery life in our area is about 3-4 years. Here in the Midwest we see very hot summers and very cold winters. Extreme temperatures are when batteries are pushed the hardest. But more importantly technology advances have increased the demand placed on batteries. Vehicles on the road today offer a wide array of electronics:

• Navigation systems

• DVD players

• Heated seats and steering wheels

• The ability to charge electronic devices and use the devices when the engine is not running

For years many batteries had a 60 or 72 month rating. Today most manufacturers have reduced the warranty to only 18 month or 24 or 36 months, due to failure rates occurring more frequently. The AAA Tire & Auto store in Huber Heights offers free bumper-to-bumper vehicle maintenance checks, which includes a battery inspection, and AAA membership is not required. With temperatures that are dangerously cold, AAA encourages drivers to have their battery life checked to prevent being stranded. AAA still offers a 6 year (72 month) battery.

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Extreme temperatures and advanced technology shorten the life of vehicle batteries

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