Ron Garrett Chevrolet becomes SVG Chevrolet

Steve VanGorder is new owner of the Greenville dealership

Staff Report

GREENVILLE — In 1979, Ron Garrett realized his life-long dream of owning a Chevrolet dealership. The small town of Ft. Recovery was home to Ron Garrett Chevrolet until 1991 when Barb and Ron Garrett relocated their dealership to Greenville.

Now, after 37 years of living that dream, the Garretts have retired and are passing the torch on to another young entrepreneur with a dream in his heart. On Tuesday, June 30, Ron Garrett Chevrolet, at 1225 E. Russ Road in Greenville, became SVG Chevrolet under the new ownership of Steve VanGorder.

While retiring is never an easy decision, Garrett says, “It’s time. I feel good about turning the reins over to Steve. I believe that he will continue to run the dealership the way that I have with the same goals – keeping the customers happy and satisfied. I am glad that this is a big dream for Steve as my own dream is now coming to an end.”

The Garretts are grateful for their many customers and the trust those customers instilled in them over the years.

“Thank you for making me who I am and who I was. You gave me my reputation – I just

earned it!” Garrett said.

The Garretts expressed hope that their customers will welcome VanGorder and allow him the opportunity to show them that only the dealership name has changed – the employees, dreams and goals will remain the same.

VanGorder has been in the auto business for 22 years and in the Dayton area for 20 of those. He is President of SVG Motors in Vandalia, known for making notoriously painful used car purchasing a pleasant and satisfying experience by presenting all of the facts to the customer and enabling them to make an informed and comfortable decision about their purchase.

Along with that transparency, SVG Motors also promises great selection, financing assistance and impeccable customer service. Locals will readily recognize him from his past “Get In Here!” commercials and, most recently, his unique SVG Motors commercials.

Owning a small town Chevrolet dealership has been VanGorder’s dream for as long as

he can remember.

“Acquiring Ron Garrett Chevrolet is beyond exciting. I am walking on air!” said VanGorder.

He plans to continue to run the dealership with the same integrity as the Garretts not only by taking exceptional care of the customers but also by being actively involved in the community. SVG means “Superior Value Guarantee” and is a slogan that defines Van Gorder’s style of customer service and satisfaction.

Garrett will certainly not be a stranger to the dealership. He will be hands‐on during the transition and VanGorder is excited about tapping into the knowledge and experience that Garrett can obviously offer.