World Blood Donor Day is June 14

DAYTON — Community Blood Center invites the community to join the celebration of World Blood Donor Day Tuesday, June 14 with the global theme for 2016 “Blood Connects Us All.”

“It’s an opportunity to remind the community of all the lives saved through blood donations, to thank blood donors for their gift of life, and to encourage people to care for one another,” said CBC Chief Executive Officer Dr. David Smith. “The community blood supply is everyone’s concern.”

World Blood Donor Day comes just days after the mass shooting in an Orlando nightclub that claimed 49 lives and left more than 50 people wounded. Hundreds of citizens responded by lining up at Orlando blood centers to donate.

In the CBC region there are new challenged to maintaining the blood supply that go beyond the traditional disruptions of the summer vacations season. New screening restrictions are in place to protect the health of donors and the safety of the blood supply.

CBC and blood centers across the nation continue to take caution against the Zika virus. Potential donors who have traveled to Zika endemic areas in the Caribbean, Mexico and Central or South America are deferred from donating for 28 days. The restriction is expected to decrease the number of eligible donors by approximately 2.25 percent.

A change in FDA screening regulations went into effect May 23 to protect the health of donors. A higher hemoglobin level is now required for male donors. The 12.5 grams per deciliter (g/dl) requirement for donating has increased to 13.0 g/dl for males. (The female requirement remains at 12.5 g/dl). This too is expected to reduce the number of people able to donate.

CBC encourages young people to become blood donors and to recruit others to give as part of the world-wide lifesaving message of World Blood Donor Day. CBC is the regional provider of blood components and services to 24 partner hospitals in 15 counties, serving patients in southwest Ohio and eastern Indiana.

Nexcare bandages has again partnered with America’s Blood Centers and CBC in a nationwide campaign to raise awareness of the need for blood donation during the summer months. Donors at the Dayton CBC can receive newly designed Nexcare bandages (while supplies last) commemorating World Blood Donor Day.

World Blood Donor Day provides an opportunity for a united, global celebration on a day that has particular significance: June 14 is the birthday of Karl Landsteiner, the Nobel Prize winner who discovered the ABO blood group system.

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CBC ‘thanks donors, shares message ‘Blood Connects Us All’

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