Cities to seek funding

CLAYTON — City Council passed a resolution to authorize City Manager Rick Rose to prepare and submit an application in cooperation with the cities of Englewood and Union to participate in the Ohio Public Works Commission State Capital Improvement or Local Transportation Improvement program.

The three cities will be seeking funding for the U.S. 40 / State Route 48 pavement planning and resurfacing project.

“This is an opportunity for the city to be part of a grant application that is being headed by the city of Englewood with the city of Union as a participant,” said Jack Kuntz, director of development. “We were approach and asked to be a participant in the grant application as part of ODOT’s and Englewood’s repaving of State Route 48. This grant application for Clayton would be for about $27,000 to cover our portion of the local share of the project. That means there would be no funds that the city would be contributing to this project. This resolution authorizes Mr. Rose to apply for the funds.”

Typically ODOT pays for 80 percent of a paving project with cities having to pay 20 percent to match that funding.

Clayton has a small section of 48 located between the Englewood and Union city limits near Sweet Potato Ridge Road measuring approximately one-quarter of a mile. State Route 48 will be resurfaced starting just south of Interstate 70 and will extend north through Union. Paving of State Route 48 in Clayton south of Interstate 70 has already been completed.

After the construction of the State Route 48 at Interstate 70 project is completed the resurfacing of 48 south of the interstate and north into the city of Union would begin as soon as late summer 2017.

By Ron Nunnari

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