City amends repair contract

ENGLEWOOD — The city’s annual curb and sidewalk repair program gives residents the option of repairing their curb and sidewalk, hiring a contractor to do the work, or just letting the contractor hired by the city to make the needed repairs, Coate Construction, LLC.

Most of the repair work involves curb and sidewalk replacement, but often includes driveway apron replacement.

This year’s contract with Coate had to be amended from the original total of $175,000 to $275,000. According to a memo written by City Manager Eric Smith to members of city council, there are two reasons the contract had to be increased. One is due to the neighborhoods in this year’s program approaching 40 years of age, and the second is that many residents have opted to have extra work done at their property.

“This extra work requires us to pay extra money,” Smith told council. “Every year we estimate the cost of doing the curb and sidewalk repair program and it normally runs somewhere around $125,000 to $175,000. The option is given to residents that if they want to do extra work, why we will be happy cooperate with them and they can put the payment schedule, if they choose to, on a five-year assessment to their property taxes, or they can pay directly. They can also hire another contractor but they won’t find any as affordable Coate. Since we got into this project there were a lot of people who decided that they wanted to do extra work, which is a good thing, because it improves property values.”

Council unanimously approved to amend the contract.

During the city manager’s report Smith pointed out that the Starbucks location in front of Meijer is under construction. Meijer redesigned its interior parking lot to handle traffic flow around the construction site.

The new Kroger curbside pickup on the south side of its building will be opening soon. Shoppers can send their shopping list to the store and their order will be filled and placed in their trunk at the curbside pickup, similar to system offered at Meijer.

“I haven’t heard how successful it is,” Smith said.

By Ron Nunnari

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