City amends tax collection ordinance

CLAYTON — In order to be incompliance with Senate Bill 172 relating to the levying and collection of municipal income tax Clayton City Council adopted an ordinance Thursday to amend Chapter 183 of it codified ordinances.

“Last year we had House Bill 5 that mandated a bunch of changes to our municipal tax code and we made those changes and got them in place,” said Director Finance Kevin Schweitzer. “Apparently somebody didn’t like the dates that they had to remit withholding so on Flag Day this year Governor Kasich signed Senate Bill 172.”

Within that bill there was language that changed language in House Bill 5 that said that remittances had to be collected by the fifteenth of the month. Now remittances can be collected by the end of the month like they were handled in the past. It also changes language regarding post marks on bills to determine a payment as acceptable as well as electronic payments. As long as post marks or electronic payments are posted on the due date those payments are deemed as paid on time.

“We have to make these changes,” Schweitzer said. “Within that senate bill it states that our legislation cannot contain anything that is contrary to these requirements. So, in order to be able to collect municipal taxes we still need adopt this. The provisions came as kind of a shock so that is why we are trying to get two readings of this ordinance in.”

He said that at the next council meeting the ordinance would have to be adopted under emergency status in order to meet the required deadline. The deadline is September 2 and the next meeting of council takes place on September 1.

By Ron Nunnari

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