Firefighting conference to be held May 19

DAYTON — In line with its mission to help the local firefighters and the community, Brothers Helping Brothers (BHB) will conduct its fourth conference this spring, May 19 at Miami Valley Hospital.

“This conference brings outside thoughts and perspectives to our local firefighters from all across southwest Ohio. Firefighting is a job where we are continually learning and to bring new ideas is always a good thing,” said Nick Magoteaux, the BHB president and co-executive director.

“Any person wants to have the best firefighter when they call 911, and with the training we provide at this conference, our area firefighters are improving their skill set for the day they need them,” he added.

For the duration of eight hours, the conference will cover four areas of fire service.

“The fire service is a job of many hats. Firefighters are responsible for mitigating multiple hazards sometimes at the same time,” says Magoteaux.

Senior firefighter Patrick Mullen and Lt. Chris Gilpin will spearhead the conference.

Magoteaux says the conference serves two purposes for BHB.

“This is an outreach program we make available to better our local firefighters and we are able to raise a small amount of funds to help our mission to give equipment grants to small and rural fire departments nationwide, he said.”

The last fire conference was held on October 2016 at Upper Valley Medical Center in Troy, Ohio.

Brothers Helping Brothers is a nonprofit organization, started on early January 2014. It raises funds to provide necessary tools and equipment for the local fire departments. Its mission aspires in achieving better fire service within the community.
Pursuing a better fire service for the community

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