MCSO aims to reduce burglaries



DAYTON — The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office December 6 announced it has begun the “#9PMRoutine” campaign launched through its connection on social media.

The goal of the nationwide campaign is to reduce the number of vehicle and residential burglaries that are often the result of valuables having been left in open view inside unlocked vehicles, garages, and homes.

Each week, the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office will send out “#9PMRoutine” reminders on social media to remind people to protect their belongings and to lock their car doors and homes.

“It eliminates the prime opportunity for a thief to walk by and check to see if there’s anything valuable in your car, or if the doors are unlocked,” said Sheriff Phil Plummer. “Many burglaries occur when people leave their vehicles and homes unlocked, and with the holiday season approaching quickly, we would like to remind residents to keep their belongings safe by following the 9PM Routine daily.”

‘#9PMRoutine’ campaign launched on social media

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